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KANSAS CITY – The Power & Light District was packed with people from both sides of the state line as R&B group “The Temprees,” along with talented vocalists Cherelle and Alexander O’Neal held a free concert on Sunday (Aug 9). The event was hosted by Kansas City’s Magic 107.3 with sponsorship coming from WillCO Technologies. The crowd was awesome as everyone came together to party and have a good time. The heat was stifling. But people didn’t seem to mind. The show was worth it. First to hit the stage was “The Temprees;” singing the tunes that made them famous. The group also proved to critics and naysayers they still got it. As expected, their steps were together. Their stage presence was wonderful. And the vocals were simply awesome.

If you didn’t know much about “The Temprees” prior to showtime, you definitely knew who they were by the time they exited the stage. For that, I give their performance a perfect 5 out of 5 rating.

Next to take the spotlight was R&B sensation Cherelle; who proved, at age 50, she can rock a crowd. Cherelle looked very good and sounded equally great. She was eventually joined on stage by longtime friend Alexander O’Neal as the two performed a nice duet together. Like Cherelle, O’Neal delivered strong vocals. However, I must admit; it was a bit disappointing the duo didn’t perform more songs. For that,  I can only grant a concert rating of 3 out of 5 stars. As the featured attraction, I felt Alexander and Cherelle should’ve done more. That said, while waiting to go on stage, I sat down with Cherelle for a one-on-one interview. Our Q&A went as follows:

CRYSTAL: How long have you been in music?

CHERELLE: About 32 years. I’m blessed that I was able to stay alive and stay strong. I’m actually working on a new project right now. I’m excited about it. The title of the album is called “50 and Fine.”

CRYSTAL: Wow! You’re fifty? You look fabulous. What is the secret to your agelessness?

CHERELLE: I get a lot of rest and then I know how to pace myself. First of all, I don’t deal with a lot of stories. And I don’t deal with other people’s stories. Everyone has problems. We can find solutions to the problems, but I don’t want to hear the stories. So, I stay out of everybody’s business. And stay out of their stories; having never been a character in any of them. So, that’s probably what has done it. No really. If you stay out of other people’s business, you become ageless for some reason.

Cherelle shares her secrets of success with Crystal

R&B sensation Cherelle shares her secrets of success with Crystal

CRYSTAL: That’s awesome. Do you have a favorite song? Something you’ve done in the past?

CHERELLE: Basically, I like all of them. But it’s a song that was entitled “Never In My Life”. I just love that song. It was one of my favorites. It was on “The Woman I am” album. I have so many different songs. You know, back in the day, we had complete albums. So every song made sense. They had story lines.

CRYSTAL: What advice do you have for singers and entertainers aspiring to become stars?

CHERELLE: First of all, get rid of the stars because stars spelled backwards is rats. Get rid of that. If it’s what God has given you, and it’s in your heart and soul, then you go for it. It’s not as easy as you think it is. It comes very easy for me because it’s a career for me. If you’re trying to get in to this just to say “ok I want to be famous” that’s exactly what will happen. This is a wicked business. I’m not holier than thou. I just know that children, kids and teenagers of today must be real careful because it’s feeding you with a spoon of “bling bling.” Instead of “bling bling,” you want to just “sing sing” and that’s what I do.

CRYSTAL: I want to thank you for taking time and speaking with me today. This has been an honor.

CHERELLE: Oh, thank you. The pleasure was all mine.

Crystal BookerCrystal Booker, a distinguished member of the Kansas City Film Critic’s Circle, is the movie critic of Kansas City’s Magic 107.3 FM. She is also a contributing writer to I Love Black To view her movie reviews, click here. For the latest reports, check out “Crystal on the Scene.” She welcomes both your questions and comments at [email protected]


  1. Mass Appeal continues to drop the 411. Love your work Crystal. I have all of Cherelle’s albums.

  2. gotta say it — dont mean to be disrespectful — but Cherelle is fine az hell for 50

    that sista must work out.

  3. good interview! Cherelle said some important things.

  4. e dub said it best – CHERELLE LOOKIN DAMN HOT FO A 50-YEAR-OLD WOMAN
    Can a playa get some digits? LOL

  5. I was at the concert. Cherelle and Alex left kind of early and they started late. It was alot of people there. They should have gave us more of a show.

  6. great interview cyrstal!

  7. she ain’t shit. She will never be a WHITNEY HOUSTON.

  8. By the way. Who in the hell is her mother. That is a damn shame she was on UNSUNG (looser) and did not talk about her mom.

  9. I am so glad tha WHIT WHIT left her ass alone. Whitney has a hit album.

  10. She wasn’t honest in Unsung about certain things. She was never married to Randy Ran and they didn’t have kids together. She had her daughter DeAmber then a baby, and he had a older daughter. But they both loved those girls and raised them together. I heard her daughter didn’t know that Randy was not her father until he died. DeAmber’s father died around the time she was born or just before. Randy had about eight kids when he died. all were younger than the one they raised. She is not related to Brandy from the group Blaque, nor the woman she showed on Unsung that had died. She left out a lot of truths, but then who has to tell it all, just tell the truth about some things like who you were really married to and not say you had babies by them when you didn’t.

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