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ANCHORAGE – At last, Sarah Palin has just spoken out in defense of her husband who was accused of being involved with a massage therapist. Many of us in the press wondered about her silence on an explosive story.

The Huffington Post is reporting:

“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently denied an anonymous tabloid report that her husband, Todd, had been involved with a “massage therapist” who was running some sort of prostitution ring in Anchorage.

“During an interview with Alaska-based radio program “The Bob and Mark Morning Show,” she called the allegations, made in the National Enquirer, “a big lie” and “a waste of time” and said that she was somewhat disheartened by the apparent stream of false reports coming from people in the Frontier State.

“What hurts are the lies that come from Alaskans,” she said responding to a question about how she felt about her low favorability ratings in her home state. “Look at this recent b.s. about Todd supposedly being all caught up in a prostitution ring in Anchorage.” Sarah Palin: Todd Affair, ‘Hooker’ Rumors ‘A Big Lie’ (VIDEO)

The strange hush

As I reported last week, there is a strange hush surrounding the usually outspoken Sarah Palin with regard to Todd’s alleged infidelity with a masseuse and one-time madam. Todd Palin: Allegations of Affair With Masseuse

Can it be that while she was governor of Alaska the ‘First Dude’he was really ‘the shadow governor,’ as was revealed by MSNBC?

Because of the damage that infidelity does to marriage and to children, we would have expected an outcry from Sarah Palin over this rumor. Maybe she could have even told the world the truth about infidelity, that rates are low in this country, fewer than 20%.

The rumors denied by police

After many media articles, the Anchorage Police did contact the National Enquirer and pointed out that Todd Palin’s name did not surface in the investigation of his alleged lover-madam.

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