Bill Self, KU face criticism

Josh Selby


LAWRENCE, Kan – Ladies and Gentlemen, the cat’s officially out the bag. Thanks to disgruntled Jayhawk Josh Selby, the University of Kansas’ storied men’s basketball program is now known as the ‘Crabs in a Barrel’ capital of Big 12 hoops. As I reported a couple weeks ago, Selby is singing like a canary.

Selby, last season’s top recruit who was selected 49th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2nd round of this year’s NBA Draft, has complained to the press and Memphis officials saying Kansas head coach Bill Self held him back.

“I know Josh is disappointed the draft didn’t quite go his way. It was an up and down season for him this year at the University of Kansas, but now this is the beginning of his professional career. We’re starting here with a blank slate, and we’re anxious to see what this very talented young man can do,” said Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace.

“It’s all up to him now. He’s jumping on what we call a moving train coming off the best season of the franchise. Josh, the challenge is for you to come in here, show us your talent and make coach (Lionel) Hollins have to play you, OK?”

Veteran guard Kim English of the Missouri Tigers is a good friend of Selby. Both players hail from the Baltimore area and they converse regularly. English interviewed with Steven St. John of Sports Radio 810’s Boarder Patrol a few days ago. Check out what he had to say.

Kim English: “He (Selby) has a rough year last year, and that wasn’t the best situation for him. I wish he would have gone to Tennessee or Kentucky where he could just let go and run…He was promised some things that he didn’t get. They were loving him against USC and Michigan and they slipped on him but I’m just happy he made it. I hope he never has to go back there in his life.”

Steven St John: “So its pretty safe to say he thinks he (Josh Selby) made the wrong decision to go to Kansas?”

Kim English: “Yes”


What did Kansas promise him?

Playing time?

A shiny new porsche?

A harem of hot chicks?


Self is understandably upset at rumors saying he tried to prevent Selby from leaving Kansas after an underwhelming freshman season. Word on the street claims Self criticized Selby’s athleticism to NBA scouts with hopes of damaging his draft stock.

If the accusation is true, the ploy definitely worked. Selby damn near went undrafted.

“You shouldn’t use certain words over the airwaves, but that’s absolute crap,” said a defensive Self during a recent interview with 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City. “Josh is a very good athlete. Josh is one of the ones that we thought was one of the more athletic kids on our team. That’s how rumors get started.

“A coach’s responsibility is to promote his players, to put them in the best light they can possibly can be. If anybody were to ask me about Josh, they would hear nothing but positive things out of my mouth or anyone in our program’s mouth.”

Touted as the nation’s top recruit and the so-called ‘missing piece’ Kansas needed to contend for another NCAA title, Selby proved to be a colossal disappointment. He missed the first half of the season for accepting impermissible benefits, then got hurt and never found a rhythm.

Selby averaged a Jacque Vaughn-like 7.9 points, shot a horrible 37 percent from the field and had almost twice as many turnovers as assists; not exactly first-round-caliber statistics.

Selby eventually lost his starting job to a pair of future insurance salesmen (Brady Morningstar and Tyrel Reed). And the brotha hasn’t been the same since. “I didn’t have the season everybody expected me to have. I’m just going to try to prove that I’m supposed to be here in this NBA along with everyone else,” said a humble Selby.

“They say I’m cocky. I don’t think I’m cocky at all. I just have a certain way I carry myself. They say I have a temper, a bad attitude. I don’t have that at all.”

Like the loss to VCU, the residue from Selby’s fallout could have long-term implications. Upon hearing the news, top-ten recruit DeAndre Daniels spurned Kansas to sign with UConn; leaving the Jayhawks with their worst recruiting class in the Self era.

It’s no secret other programs are using that against Self when recruiting such talents.

“It’s amazing to me when other coaches and staffs are bright enough not only to be experts on their own programs but on mine as well,” Self said. “People use that against you. People use he’s never had a one-and-done. Well now that Xavier and Josh have left, at least we’ve had the two one-and-dones.”

What’s my take?

Kansas shouldn’t recruit ‘one-and-dones.’

And ‘one-and-dones’ shouldn’t attend Kansas.


Following the release of a tax form, 990, filed by the University of Kansas’ athletic department for the 2009 calendar year (fiscal year 2009-2010), we now realize just how sweet a deal former athletic director Lew Perkins gave to underachieving women’s basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson.

Bonnie HenricksonBonnie (pictured left), who hasn’t taken one damn team to the NCAA Tournament in 7 years, receives an annual salary of roughly $1.8 million. Can you believe that? $1.8 ‘frickin’ million? Hell, the entire women’s program ain’t worth that. Bonnie says better days are ahead.

“I think we were two games away (from making the tournament),” Henrickson said.

“As young as we were, offensively we made some progress. Defensively, we were worse than when we had less talent. I’m excited about the five freshmen we have coming in. Our recruiting class was ranked 27th, and some of the kids can help us in areas we need help.”

Shaking my head.

What are they smoking at Kansas?

Wayne HodgesWayne Hodges, an MBA from St. Mary University, is the Editor-in-Chief of “Mass Appeal News.” He also serves as a contributing writer to, he’s a Democrat reporter for the Examiner, and he’s a movie critic and journalist with Wayne welcomes your comments 24/7 at [email protected]


  1. just a typical jayhawk bashing article… stop hating hodges

    josh just wasnt good enough… deal with it

  2. Lol, The Wildcat fan didn’t see what was going on. Josh SUCKED! He turned the Ball over, made dumb decisions. KU runs a half court set, they are not a run and gun Team, which is what Josh wanted to do. Plus that, I’m sick and tired of these young Dudes going in as a rookie thinking they are going to just take someone’s spot whose Been there 3-4 years. Earn it, it’s just not going to be given to you. plus that, This fool couldn’t play for a HUGE PART of the season because of the ish HE DID!

    So what were they supposed to do, play with 4 men till Josh got his ish together?

    Come on man! Not to mention it wasn’t KU’s fault he didn’t get drafted high. He went to the combines, he showed what he could, and couldn’t do. There was Already word that they didn’t like him, his attitude, or his work ethic. That’s not On KU, that’s on Josh. Wayne and the Wildcat nation needs to stop Hating.

    Especially since ya boy Mos Def didn’t get drafted. So did Frank Martin hold him back?

    What happen with that situation. Was that on him or the team?

    The Morris twins everyone thought was a bust their freshmen year. But KU worked with them, BECAUSE THEY STAYED IN SCHOOL LONG ENOUGH TO SEE SOME CHANGE! If Josh would’ve stayed he could have made a better assessment of the situation. One and done Is not the answer to all. And in case you haven’t figured it out, I’M SO GLAD HIS LIL POUNTING BEHIND IS GONE. Let’s see what he does in the league.

    Probably nothing, then cry and blame it on the Grizzlies.

  3. I think you make good points about Selby and how he did not fit at Kansas. I think he is the type of player who did not fit at the college he choose but has the skills to be a nice scorer off the bench for an NBA team.

    If I had to guess, I would say he will be a good second unit player in the league.

  4. Self is right “what a bunch of crap” anything Selby did to his stock he did all on his own. Some people really need lives.

  5. Bill Self never told Selby to go one on three on fast breaks. He never told him to launch contested 3’s early in the shot clock with a hand in his face. He nover told Selby to commit turnover after turnover after turnover. Selby did this all on his own.

    Self didn’t sabotage anything, Selby just has a longer way to go than some people are willing to believe, INCLUDING Selby.

  6. Selby was a prima donna and expected to be treated that way, since at KU they emphasis teamwork he could never get this into his head. It was going to be all about me SELBY or nothing, how many times did u c him stand in the corner when everyone else was trying to run the offense. In the NBA he’ll most likely flourish do to the fact that there it is all about YOU. Just at Kansas they play TEAM before they play me.


    bill self is a racist ass who plays a bunch of goofy ass white boys over top-flight nba prospects. hodge you make good points. morningstar and reid over selby? what kinda bullsh*t iz that?

  8. If you actually watched Selby play last year you would have seen a very athletic turn over and bad shot machine at it’s best. Yeah, he made some 3’s, but he missed a bunch and didn’t feed the post as well as the walk on’s. Self didn’t try to keep him at KU because he has three guards that play KU ball better than Selby anyway. And didn’t NC and UK have several potential NBA’ers came back? Maybe the pay is better at UK??

  9. Selby is a looooong ways away from being a great player. He probably does have great work outs. He’s got tremendous athletic gifts, but his game lacks maturity. He probably needs to be able to dominate the ball on offense, and at KU there were too many good players around to let him do that. He needs to develop an ability to work himself into his team’s offense and make himself and everyone around him better. He was a disappointment. In his defense, the injury and time away from practice really hurt him. I wish him well, but he should have played another year of college ball. He may never see the court for a couple of years in the NBA and then find himself out of the league.

  10. Northern Iowa, Bucknell, VCU, and Bradley. No one is going to dispute that Kansas is a blue blood program, and is always a contender in the Big12. But let’s be honest, they have a history of choking when it comes to the tourney. If you ask any knowledgable college ball fan to associate a school with the word “chock” they will say “Kansas”

  11. hodge, you know nobody gives a DAMN about women’s basketball at Kansas.

  12. I don’t have a twitter account, but here’s a copy/paste from one of the many Jayhawks Hoops message boards below. If Selby is “singing like a canary” how does his note sound? Let me get this straight, your premise is based on a radio interview with Kim English and MU grad Steven St. John? Ok, both Selby and English are from B-More, but that’s pretty much all they have in common. Initially a starter, English was coming of the bench by the end of the conference season, but I digress. I bet that was the most objective interview to hit the airwaves this year. That’s the equivalent of KU radio host Bob Davis interviewing Travis Releford and him mentioning that his fellow KCMO hoopster and current MU Tiger Marcus Denmon, says he wishes he never signed with MU. Mike Anderson said he would give him the “green light” and shoot 30+ times per game. Enough with the Selby and the one-and-done nonsense. One recruiting season does not qualify as a trend, but with the status new NBA collective bargaining agreement in doubt, they may very well ditch that rule and you’ll get your wish after all.

    I believe in ending on a positive note whenever possible. Junior forward Thomas Robinson has been getting major buzz on the summer skills camp circuit. ESPN analyst Fran Frachilla call him “a beast” after working the Lebron James Skills Academy this week. A few weeks earlier, another news report has him “stealing the show” at the Amare Stoudemire Skills Academy . So, Coach Self and Co will likely add another potential lottery pick (the 5th in the last 3yrs) yet somehow you claim he has a “very shaky reputation?” Seriously? Another deep run, another lottery pick(s), more kids graduating: This is what Jayhawks Hoops fans want to read about. Not some agenda driven response from a player, nobody even notices on the scouting report and prompted by a host with an understandable love for his alma mater.

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