Sly James’ drunk sons?

Mayor Sly James


KANSAS CITY, Mo – KC, I had a tipster call and tell me that Mayor Sly James’ sons Kyle and Eric were the same people. Turns out, Eric is Kyle’s older brother. I just got a call from someone who knows them. I wonder why Eric has not been in public with his dad? I’ve received countless emails on this subject since the Mayor’s youngest son got drunk in public.

I still say if he wasn’t the Mayor’s son, he would’ve been arrested. Anyway, the brothers look and act alike. Let’s hope they stay out of trouble while their dad is in office. I see no hope for solving the crime problem in KC when the Mayor’s two boys are out getting wasted and breaking laws.

Sly James' sonSly James other son

Major Sly James’ two sons (Kyle & Eric) have gotten in trouble for getting drunk in public

Getting drunk is dumb, but legal. However, driving drunk, not paying for food and disturbing the peace are all crimes.

Anyway, check out their Facebook pages:

For Eric Christian James’ Facebook page, please click here.

For Kyle James’ Facebook page, please click here.

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  1. they dont call him sly fo nuthin — that mayor iz a slick son–of-a-gun

    wish he could get my son off drunk charges – corruption in KC politics continue

  2. thats why I would never want to be in the public eye – the media report everything you do. none of us are perfect parents. alonzo you aint either. leave the man’s personal life alone and worry about gettin these killers off the streets

  3. @Marques – AMEN BROTHA

  4. get off alonzo’s back — the man got a job to do. kansas city has a big crime problem and we have a mayor in office who has two sons breaking the law and gettin away with it. thats bullsh*t

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