Chris Tucker going broke

Chris Tucker


MONTVERDE, Florida — Court records show comedian Chris Tucker is facing foreclosure on his multimillion-dollar mansion in central Florida. Records show SunTrust Bank filed papers against the California resident with Lake County courts earlier this week. According to documents, Tucker bought the 10,000-square-foot (3,050-meter) lakefront home for $6 million in 2007 — before the housing market crashed.

The bank claims he still owes more than $4.4 million, but the county property appraiser has the home currently assessed at $1.6 million.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the house is located in the Bella Collina development, a 1,900-acre (770-hectare) community overlooking lakes and a championship golf course. Calls placed by The Associated Press to Tucker’s Hollywood representatives seeking comment were not returned as of late Thursday night.

Tucker is best known for starring alongside Jackie Chan in three “Rush Hour” films. Other credits include “Friday,” ”Money Talks” and “The Fifth Element.”

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  1. Positive Brothers

    I just can’t and don’t understand millionaires mismanaging their money to end up in foreclosure. No, I understand, just don’t accept, they waste money some of us will never have in 2 lifetimes. I am not sympathetic.

  2. Is it not possible that some millionaires are dumping certain properties, for reasons other than mismanagement? Since the housing market crash, many people lost “half” of their home value….., but 6 million down to 1.6 million in 4 years…..OUCH!

    Perhaps you do, I really don’t know about Chris’ finances, he may own 3 other homes in better financial position


    Who said he mis-managed his funds? He’s not responsible for the entire USA housing values dropping. It was price appropiate at time of purchase, prob not a steal, but he might have needed the write off. I thought you were suppose to be positive? seem more negative and judgemental to me.

  4. There was a story on him from last year saying he owed IRS atleast $11 million accumulating from 2001. So it’s not much of a stretch to assume he’s been financially inept with his money for some time.

  5. Positive Brothers I agree 1000%! Why didn’t Chris just look for a home that was around 2 million?! By now he’d be debt-free, only needing to cover his utilities and insurances. I say that once you reach that first millionaire status, don’t get pulled back to any amount under it. Build and/or pay off your home, settle all previous debts, select your contacts for future employment, and keep paying it forward (in philanthropic causes).

    Also, no entertainer or other entrepreneur should be in hoc with Uncle Sam over taxes; a professional tax accountant can help one keep track of accurate deductions from each paycheck. And the Soc.Security Admin. will assist in showing how much to allocate for future benefits when one retires or somehow becomes disabled. [By the way, great name. Hope you’ve heard Angie Stone’s song “Black Brothas”. Play it everyday, brotha!]

  6. Wow, the value of this place sure went down the toilet. Chris may have simply decided to let this house go.

    Hopefully, this foreclosure isn’t simply an issue of chris being broke – Chris is far too talented as a stand up comic and comedic actor to be inactive.

    On the other hand, I have heard actors say that “once you finish a movie, you are unemployed” and “only a very few actors are guaranteed continued work”.

    I’d like to see chris and will smith do a movie together.

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