Grammy Awards 2012

The Grammy Awards


LOS ANGELES ( – Any way you cut it, Sunday night’s Grammys were huge for Adele, the Foo Fighters and Kanye West. All three artists came away with an armload of golden gramophones at a ceremony that artfully managed to celebrate the vibrancy of contemporary music while finding just the right way to pay tribute to fallen diva Whitney Houston.

Adele swept the night’s major categories, taking Song, Record and Album of the Year on the way to putting a check beside all six of her nominations, with the Foos just behind with five wins and an absent Kanye nabbing four. But who really stole the spotlight at the show and who managed to win without nabbing any hardware?

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  1. Congrats Adele,you looked beautiful and sang amazing! Enjoyed watching you kill it@the grammy’s. All the haters should recognize that record sales/downloads don’t lie…she was one of the most anticipated acts people were looking forward to and by that I mean celebs/artists attending the grammys. Adele deserved it and am happy her voice is still amazing. All the best to ya!

  2. personally i am tired of taylor swift….she is arrogant and really has not worked for the recognition . lady gaga is a has been ! so much of the show was a waste of time. adele rocked it ! so did the beach boys and glen campbell, kelly clarkson.

  3. CakeOnMyCrotch

    The grammys are so gay. Giving The same person 6 awards for the pretty much the same material? That completely devalues the ceremony.

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