Allen Iverson goes broke

Allen Iverson


PHILADELPHIA – Allen Iverson has been living larger than his game, and the high life is finally catching up to him. A Georgia judge is having the former NBA star’s bank account commandeered over an $860,000 debt to a jeweler that he can’t pay. Who runs up nearly a seven-figure tab at a jewelry store? The answer is The Answer.

When Good Bling Goes Bad: Iverson is hardly first celebrity athlete to burn through all of his dough. Boxer Mike Tyson and baseball legend Lenny Dykstra filed for bankruptcy. Scottie Pippen’s poor business decisions and golfer John Daly’s gambling ways emptied out their coffers. (For more tales in that vein, check out Broke Stars: 11 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt.)

However, it may be hard to top the mountain of money that Iverson squandered — and the extravagant ways in which it went up in flames.  The free-shooting Philadelphia 76er amassed more than $154 million from his NBA salary alone.

Throw in his Reebok shoe deal, smaller endorsements, business deals, and other opportunities to cash in on his fame, and you have an impressive nine-figure empire — but one that quickly disintegrated to less than zero.

Hard to imagine, perhaps, but it’s easy to explain when you realize that Iverson broke the cardinal rule of budgeting: Never live beyond your means.

We Should’ve Seen This Coming: There were already signs that Iverson was in over his head financially in 2010. He had just left the 76ers after a brief return to his original team. When he wanted to get back in the game, no NBA teams were interested in his seemingly diminished talents.

“It’s not about money or anything like that,” he told reporters before heading off to play basketball in Turkey later that year. It probably was.

“The 76ers’ former all-everything guard is broke — by all accounts except his own,” wrote Philadelphia Inquirer beat reporter Kate Fagan as she flew into Istanbul to check in on Iverson’s new gig, playing home games in an arena with room for just 3,200 fans.

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  1. Another broke and broken black college educated (supposedly) AFFLETE is about as surprising as the long expected sad death of pop Superstar who literally had the world in the palm of her hands and everything anyone in this life could imagine and wish for. Whitney Houston, another dead in a long line of musical junkies.

  2. Ray F Nicholas

    Allen Iverson broke? No way…. Sly Stone broke? no way….. Latrell Spreewell, broke? Lenny Dykstra broke and broken? Naw… Evander Holyfield broke, Mike Tyson 5 or 6 times….. Bobby Brown Broke, His former wife d e a d and worth more now then yesterday alive… I mean, see the pattern anyone?

    PC blinds from the real issues. This entire community from their billionaire (Oprah having problems now) favorite sons and daughters to l o w l i f e crack s c u m and disappearing daddy’s in the g h e t t o……….it aint w h i t e y causing all these problems.

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