K. Michelle & Taj Gibson?


CHICAGO (MassAppealNews.com) – Bobby V, who released a new album called “Dusk Till Dawn,” has a song with reality TV star K. Michelle from ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ The track titled “Put It In” isn’t that bad. Actually, it’s sort of okay. Is the song worth playing over and over again as you lay down in your bedroom? Probably not.

But the reason I’m sharing this video has everything to do with a cut scene that shows K. Michelle wearing a #22 Chicago Bulls jersey – a number that belongs to power forward Taj Gibson who just signed a huge contract for $34 million.

K. Michelle is known for having flings with professional athletes. Hmm… I wonder if she’s added Taj to her “hit him up” list? Also, I’d like to know what Gibson’s girlfriend (Lexx) thinks about this? Check out the video below.

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  1. That’s crazy K Michelle is known for sleeping with different athletes and people in the industry. I googled Taj girlfriend Lexx and she’s not too bad. Her twitter name is @2beehlexx

  2. K. Michelle iz az ratchet az it gets….. taj is stupid az hell if he hittin that

  3. Lol K Michelle is everyone’s hoe lets not entertain her desperate attempts to be someone important she’s a joke even though she was funny on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

  4. so is Taj Gibson K’s boo? got his jersey number…if’in she don’t wanna be compared to Keysha Cole it’s not working cause 1) Keysha did the jersey thing in her Trust video 2) Keysha’s married to a Gibson

  5. U haters keep hatin on K but the woman is all about her $$$ and i aint mad at her

  6. @Breena no one is mad at the hoe she’s irrelevant I just find it funny that he has a girl and she still on his nuts sounds like a pattern to me

  7. Taj girl lex is cute I googled her. K memphiz didn’t want you James Harden didn’t want you I’m sure Taj didn’t want you. Keisha cole and Monica already did the jersey thing big difference they are married to these men. K is a dog face ghetto hoe looking for money when her album doesn’t make shit.

  8. Lexx isn’t his girlfriend she’s the mother of his child I found her ig it’s lezzy_lexx it’s a few pics of them together but nothing major. Then k Michelle on the other hand that’s just thirsty of her to think she’s with taj. You just met him and is in love no


    k. michelle can be my baby mama

  10. K looks like a tired ass dog

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