Kanye West declares “I Am God”


NEW YORK – There’s no artist quite as eccentric as rapper Kanye West and he’s about to prove it with his next album title “I Am God.”

A source close to the rapper said: “Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title.” As if he isn’t  stirring the pot enough, Kanye has reportedly chosen ‘North’ as his favorite name for the baby he’s expecting in July with reality TV vixen Kim Kardashian. Kanye, 35, came up with a list of potential baby names. But ‘North’ remains at the top of his list because, in his opinion, it sounds compatible with his surname. Think about it – North West.

He presented the moniker to friends last month while working in Paris during fashion week. But it’s unlikely the name will sit well with Kim whose family tradition includes first names beginning with the letter “K.” According to one of Kanye’s pals, the name selection shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“He has a sense of humor and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true,” said the friend.

North West?

Let’s hope Kanye doesn’t get his wish.

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  1. The beef smoker

    Keep it sensible would be my advice,
    Fred if it’s a boy
    Rose if it’s a girl

  2. Please…. dont make that child grow up with that name. “Knorth West” can u say conceited much. God u r not. Ur sense of humor is just sickening. If u or ur family were any kind of church going ppl, u wouldnt be saying that stuff. We have only one GOD and hes not U.

  3. How un original, you are naming a baby that will one day be a man and forget this ridiculous idea and save the poor child years of grief.

  4. Kanye WEST says he is God?????


  5. You are a tool Kanye and your narcissistic behavior rivals that of Obama. Good news though, the world still revolves around the sun and your dumbass will be just as dead when it is all said and done in this life on earth. God will know what you did and you will have to atone for your sins.

  6. this is known as blassfemy,and you are certainly not god..

  7. Only a person who says he is God, is a person that has low self-esteem. A person that makes others feel worthless. A person who puts down and hits. Who controls others and manipulates them. I feel sorry for Kim and her unborn child. I hope she doesn’t put up with him. And that’s the person he seem’s to be.

  8. This man is a sad and sadistic young example for a person and a sorry excuse of a human being. He don’t know, You do not play with GOD… He is off his rockers.. That child will come here looking like HELL… the place he needs to BE.

  9. No, you are not God. You are someone who has absolutely no talent.

  10. You can’t even name it “I Am Talented.”

  11. He’s a st8 up idiot…he is so full of himself…when he dissed Taylor Swift at the grammy i would have b**tch slapped him if i was her mother, but she had too much class for that…Kim is a good digging skank, they deserve each other…

  12. just another fugger fuckin a fat ass and i mean such a fat ass that it would take three trips to haul it home, white airhead ca?nt who thinks he’s something cause another fugger made a video pissing on her- yee-hah and he kisses that mouth that licked that piss, and smiles- now that’s a dumb fugger. i am god- that’s i am dog -stupid fugger-tricks are for your fat ass whore. the only of the three daughter’s that has a brain is courtney. if old man kardashian was alive he’d kill kim and chloe- stupid bitches- or as they say the jig would be up. rap- now that’s crap- real talent figuring out how to make swear words rhyme- no that was kindegarten- making dirty words rhyme- degrading wemon- hating the police who protect you in spite of yourselves- and selling drugs- that’s the best part-they continue to hold there own race down by crippling them with drugs. now can’t i say it-STUPID FUGGER- YOUR KID WILL BE ACROSS BETWEEN A PIG AND AN ASS- AND I HOPE IT’S A GIRL-

  13. I have a message for Kanye. I AM? You ain’t!

  14. The Demons he worships must have told him lies & he believes them??? But Yahweh you are not….You should be beaten severly for your statement….

  15. He doesnt look or act like God!!! As a matter of fact i scrapped him off my shoe yesterday.

  16. 0bama is going to be so pissed!

  17. 0bama is going to be so peed!

  18. I told my friends that his child will be the antichrist and this kind of confirms it. Unless it is a girl. Still we should all watch for the horns and glowing red eyes.

  19. Great for publicity! “Closed mouths don’t get fed,” as the saying goes.

  20. Kayne, I’m happy for you, and imma let you finish…

    But the G-d of Israel created the greatest universe of all time! OF ALL TIME!!

  21. Settle down, everyone. I am guessing that Kanye is referring to the “I AM” tradition (from a quote in the Bible) rather than calling HIMSELF God.

    Look up “I am that I am.”

  22. This is simply just another example of what Pop culture has created. KW is a common THUG and Gangsta. Never will be anything else but a Killa… Prove me otherwise!

  23. It’s spelled with a ‘W’, nor G.

  24. He is not black and I do not beleive GOD is BLACK.

  25. He is not GOD and GOD is not a NEGRO.

  26. It’s spelled with a ‘W’.

  27. To use our Lord’s name in vain is a mortal sin. You are taste less.

  28. ANYONE who mocks God, will dearly pay the price. Not your Money nor your mother will be able to help you nor keep your from where GOD HIMSELF will send you……REPENT, and SIN NO MORE

  29. Hey- at least Kanye West is REAL. Shouldn’t all of you outgrown imaginary friends by now?

  30. I think he meant to say “I am Dog”

  31. This man is a legend in his own mind. Delusions of grandeur are treatable with rehab, therapy, and the right combination of medications.

  32. Kanye West you are sefl-centered Satanic. You are a god of devil. You may still change your life and ask forgiveness. We got limited time left.

  33. No one understands. To meditate on the I AM principle is the highest form of meditation. It is the path to achieving the Godhead, look it up. To realize your true self is to realize God, this is what Jesus meant by “The kingdom of heaven is within you”. To look within is to know thy self, but most cannot do it because you must be willing to surrender the world.

    Most don’t realize untill it is too late that they have clung to death their entire percieved life, and have wasted all their time, time to practice letting go, so when the time comes they’re ready. If one were thirsty, they’d do well by looking up The Gospel of Thomas, Catharism, Psilocybin, Entheogen, psychedelic experience, NDE, Gnosis, Cathar consolamentum. I’ve got tons of more info, checkout shroomysean on youtube, contact me there…

  34. He had to shorten the name because I,m God DAMN STUPID NIGGER NO TALENT ASSHOLE WHO SCREWS THE BIGGEST WHORE IN THE WORLD was jut too long to put on the cd.

  35. He will die just like anybody else….what will he say then, when he kneels before almighty God?

  36. Barbie girl just because Kanye may be an extreme it does not mean that his family. I believe his mother (before she died was Christian). Every person must give an account for his/her own life. like most people, I know I have not always lived up to my parents expectations or followed every instruction I was given… thank you Lord for forgiveness.

    JT- South Florida, Please enlightment me… what has the President done to make you state he perpetuates narcissism?

  37. thats his problem

  38. If he was God then he woudn’t have ignored the doctors’ warnings and allowing his own mother to get killed. His mother’s death is on him and now he thinks he is God. What a complete loser. But he is not as much of a loser as all of his fans. They are the scum of the Earth.

  39. Have you ever seen God to know what the color of his skin? Color of his eyes.. Read
    your Bibile.

  40. Patcee says;
    Lisa, have you ever seen God to know his skin color? The color of his eyes.. Read the book of Revelation.

  41. Finally,
    After 89 long years on earth, I have been searching for the Lord, thy GOD. I looked everywhere ———- in church, temples, mosques, synagogues, mountains, rivers, forests, caves but I just couldn’t find HIM. Now, in 2013, he is living right here in America. My dream has finally come true. I am ready to die in peace. I have seen God with my own eyes. I will tell alll my ATHEIST
    friends to go meet KANYE WEST, the one and only true GOD. Hallelluyah. Amen and Awomen.
    Totally confused

  42. JUST WOW! He should watch how he uses his name in vain and about to have a child, JUST WOW!

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