Monique explains 80 lb weight loss

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ATLANTA ( – Another slim-down story is sweeping the Web. Mo’Nique stopped by The Hot 97 Morning Show on Tuesday to chat and she mentioned her get-fit journey.

“I’m three years in it,” said the star, 45, who tweets every day about her exercise regimen, which includes making sure she takes 10,000 steps a day.

“I want women to see, especially us big women, that you don’t have to let them cut you and suck it out,” she told the morning show crew.

“You don’t have to let them staple you up. You don’t have to let them give you a pill. You don’t have to let them put a band around your organs. If you just put the work in, baby, I promise you, it comes off.”

She said that two weeks ago, her weight was 218. “My goal is between 190 and 200.”

She said at one point she was “close to 300.”

Right now, she says, “I’m the best Mo’Nique I’ve ever been. And I still have a ways to go.”

The Oscar winning actress/comedian also talked about how having an “open” marriage with Sidney Hicks “backfired on her.” She was the one who wanted freedom when she was on the road, but then she “realized what a king I had at home.” She says, “An open relationship to us now means no secrets.” And, she urges, “Sisters, if you got a good man, honor him.”


  1. Monique annoyed me with all the fat girl crap, but this confirms that she is a phony. I didn’t believe that she liked being fat, I don’t believe that she lost the weight by exercising. Monique — go sit your fake ass down somewhere.

  2. All those years telling women obesity is okay when she knew it wasn’t and that she wanted to change after all those skinny bitch jokes and phatabulous bs she should have just kept it for real obesity is not okay it’s not sexy or healthy she should have to pay for weight watchers and southbeach for all those fat women who jumped on her bus

  3. Whether you say you have an open marriage or not, a man is going to do whatever he wants to do. So you can kid yourself into believing your man is faithful but you need to prepare yourself for the truth at some point. Most men are dogs. Some are pure breeds, some are mutts. Actually saying men are dogs is an insult to dogs. Most dogs are loyal and will stay with you regardless.

  4. Her weight loss had everything to do with the doctors telling her she had to or she would be in an early grave and she chose living of course who wouldn’t FYI: everybody wasn’t born to be skinny and just because your skinny don’t mean your healthy!

  5. monique admitted in her comedy monologue that she allowed her first husband to sexually abuse her through anal sex that was painful, but I hope she has gotten stronger and wont accept cheating and that kind of abuse. I was glad her show was cancelled because of all that insane screaming. Why Monique? Why? it wasn’t necessary.

  6. If she hasn’t shaved those hairy a$$ legs ~ my ears are dead to anything Monique has to say. Hairy legs = unkept hairy p*ssy.

  7. @cassandra29: I so agree with you. All that “I’m happy with my size, I love the way I am” etc. was all BS. She just didn’t want to do the work to get fit and healthy so overweight people create what I call the Big Girls Mantra “I’m happy with who I am”. Now that she’s put in the work she wants to be an advocate for exercise and being healthy. What’s next a book, or workout video? Whatever Mo’Nique. And how can you promote open marriage but also want to claim to be religious and throw in God every now and then? Have several seats!

  8. sonomacountylady

    She looks great! And she’s such a sweetheart! Down to earth & speaking the truth! I just love her.

  9. It’s good she lost weight but now she’s an expert on weight loss, not in my book. These so called celebrities are pathetic especially those who have been out of the lime light for awhile. They come back with doing something or saying something acting like they are the authority on that subject. I can’t stand narcissistic people.

  10. Mo’Nique’s cool, and if she’s happy, it’s hard to not be happy for her. I’m glad she’s taking the exercise route instead of the lap-band. It’s definitely safer. I know a few people that have had some serious problems with it that seem to be permanent. — As for her marriage, she can be as creative as she chooses. No two are alike.

  11. Not only does she look fantastic, she looks healthy! Good for her.

  12. Monique look good but I’m willing to bet that she finally shed the hurt and pain of being abused throughtout her life and now at peace with herself. She no longer is holding herself in bondage and guilt over the actions thrust upon her. Continued success Monique in your personal life and your career.

  13. Well I love Monique! Everybody goes through changes. She is being attacked and criticize for keeping it real. At one point she was overweight but that doesn’t mean she was insecure. She loved herself and was putting forth positive energy toward women who may have been feeling down on themselves because of weight. The rest was comedy so all the haters need to rest on that. Fake is when you say things you don’t beleive and she didn’t do that! She was keepin it 100%! Now that she is exercising and being healthy, good for her. You live,learn,change, and grow. She just let us have front row seat with a camera. She’s not perfect but she is genuine and I love that about her.

  14. I congratulate Monique on her weightloss but sorry I had weight loss surgery and I believe she has to. Don’t be like star jones and not tell it until later, this surgery is great and is saving a lot of girls and women and men lives.

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