KC Chiefs ‘lose’ to Colts at home


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Indianapolis Colts took Round 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Depending on how things shake out, Round 2 could come in the playoffs in two weeks.

Andrew Luck threw for 241 yards and a touchdown, Donald Brown ran 51 yards for another score and the Colts beat the Chiefs 23-7 on Sunday in a potential preview of an AFC wild-card game. The Colts (10-5), who have already wrapped up the AFC South, took advantage of four turnovers by the Chiefs (11-4) to win for the fifth time in their last six tries against Kansas City. If Indianapolis ends up as the No. 4 seed in the playoffs, and the Chiefs are the fifth seed, the two teams will meet again in the warmer environs of Lucas Oil Stadium. Kansas City’s hopes of winning the AFC West and earning the No. 1 seed were dashed when Denver beat Houston on Sunday.

Alex Smith threw for 153 yards, but he fumbled once and was picked off twice after throwing just six interceptions his first 14 games. Jamaal Charles ran for 106 yards and the game’s opening score, but Kansas City failed to keep him involved as the Colts scored the final 23 points.

Both teams came into the game with a league-low 14 turnovers, and the Chiefs had been plus-21 in turnover differential. The Colts did not commit a turnover in the game.

After missing his first field-goal attempt, Adam Vinatieri hit his next three despite frigid temperatures and swirling winds at Arrowhead Stadium. He came into the game needing just one point to pass fellow kicker Jason Elam (1,983) for the seventh-most points in NFL history.

Early on, the Chiefs appeared as if they were going to pick up right where they left off last week, when they hung 56 points on the Raiders. They marched downfield on the opening drive, and Charles took a carry around the right side 31 yards for a touchdown.

The Colts defense stiffened after that, though, and the closest Kansas City came to scoring again in the first half came when Ryan Succop yanked a 47-yard field goal wide left. Meanwhile, Indianapolis kept taking advantage of breakdowns in the Kansas City pass defense, the most glaring one coming after running back Knile Davis fumbled in the second quarter.

Brown leaked out of the backfield unnoticed by the Kansas City defense, Luck hit him with a dump-off pass that he took virtually untouched 33 yards for a score. Vinatieri’s second field goal pushed the Colts’ lead to 13-7 at the break.

The definition of disciplined most of the season, the Chiefs came unglued with a series of turnovers and inopportune penalties that ruined any chance of a second-half comeback.

Smith was picked off on the third play of the third quarter when he was hit from behind by Robert Mathis and the ball was caught by linebacker Jerrell Freeman. Two plays later, Brown raced through a gaping hole and then tight-rope walked down the sideline 51 yards for a score.

Vinatieri added to the Colts’ cushion with his third field goal, capping a drive kept alive by a defensive holding penalty on cornerback Sean Smith and a taunting penalty on defensive tackle Dontari Poe that came after the Chiefs had already held on third down.

Smith was picked off again by Freeman in the end zone midway through the fourth quarter, and then the quarterback fumbled the ball away with 3:24 left to seal the outcome.


  1. Michael Malone

    This is gonna be KC’s downfall they just can’t score points…

  2. The chefs are the weakest home team in the NFL. Yet chefs fans claim the noise there gives them a great advantage. LOL Looking at their 3rd straight home loss and barely beat pathetic Houston and Dallas (by 1 pt at home) and lucked out against a sorry Cleveland team to win by 6.

  3. Lol @ silly Chief fans. My point proven again, Chiefs can’t beat a team with a winning record. One and done in the playoffs. Be thankful for the weak schedule the NFL gave you.

  4. Robert Bronston

    Chiefs fan til I die. We were 2-14 last year. Look at where we are now. So what, we got it handed it to us in our back yard. They gotta learn to play through that mess and persevere. This team is built to last the long run and I know that in the years to come y’all will still be talking about the #Chiefs.

  5. Clutch Primetime

    Yes, its always good to prove you can’t beat a good starting quarterback right before the playoffs.

  6. James Ackermann

    Remember when the Chiefs were 9-0? Ahh, those were the days! When every single Chiefs fan though they actually stood a chance against the Broncos.

  7. Chris Palo ยท

    Welcome to Andy Reid football, everyone. IT’s all about getting to the playoffs and not worrying about seed position. The coaches and players should be jeered. Look for a one and done playoff game.

  8. Michael Jenkins

    get your tissues and excuses ready for playoffs chief fans.. when you lose and i fully expect you to in the first round the fans will be like we did so much better blah blah… YOU PLAYED NOBODY!!! you beat NOBODY.. colts going to do work come playoffs in indy.. see you soon!!

  9. Jeff Tetreault

    Can’t wait to watch the Chiefs folds. Easiest schedule in the NFL. lol.

  10. Chiefs suck, haha

  11. scott phillips

    Smith sucked in the Bay and he sucks in KC. As a chargers fan i think no one wants to see the bolts in the playoffs. i don’t think SD makes it to post season but i do think a sweep of KC by the BOLTS is not far fetched. GO BOLTS!!! KC fans r delusional. Reid is a washed up fat ass who is benifitting from years of early 1st riund picks because they have sucked for years.

  12. Davion Henderson

    The team played like complete garbage yesterday and it was embarrassing. Andy Reid has the worst play calling ever (Other than Brian Daboll) We are proving that we can’t beat a legit team. But I guess we’ll see in the playoffs.

  13. Not a Chiefs fan in the slightest but consider this..Colts beat the Seahawks, Broncos, and 49ers.. All legit Super Bowl contenders. But when the Chiefs get beaten by them that makes them bad? Sure getting beaten twice by the Broncos doesn’t help but it’s not like they weren’t close games. I actually expected the Chargers to beat them too. And another decently close game. Colts are the epitome of the “Any Given Sunday” thing. One week they get blown out by the Rams and Cards, and next they are beating the Seahawks, Broncos, and YES, Chiefs. Chiefs are definitely a contender, and the playoffs are a different beast. See the Broncos-Ravens game as the biggest example. The most unpredictable teams can win it all with some magic. And like I said IM NOT a Chiefs fan, just a guy who finds this article VERY biased against the Chiefs.

  14. I am a Chiefs fan and the facts are the facts; they have beaten up a bunch of bad teams, and lost to the good ones. That much is not debatable. Nor is the fact they have yet to beat a decent QB. It doesn’t necessarily mean they CAN’T win a playoff game, but you have to admit, under the circumstances, it does not look good because the playoffs will be nothing BUT decent QBs and winning teams.
    Yes, there were injuries which hurt, but all teams have to deal with them. The Pats have been wiped out by injuries – good teams find a way to win. KC has definitely righted the ship, but there were just too many holes to plug, and ultimately, it will cost them: pass protection, secondary and WR – big big problems on this team…

  15. All you fair weather fans and keyboard warriors make me sick..all you chiefs fan have a team that went 2-14 last season to an 11-4 playoff clinching team..this is the first season with all the pieces of the team playing together after getting rid of half of the team last offseason..when the fu** did they sign a contract saying they were going to the Super Bowl this season? When does any team do that? The chargers are a better team? Rivers a better quarterback? Maybe but how long has rivers and company been a team and done shit with it? The chiefs have beat sucky ass teams so I guess the broncos really suck too because they’ve almost lost to other sucky ass teams..I’m a chiefs fan but at least I’m grateful that the chiefs are in the playoffs..all you keyboard warriors..the chiefs are “one and done” well at least they fuc**** made it! That’s a lot more shot to say than the rest of the nfl..I guess super bowl champs ravens suck ass because they’re fighting for wild card spot but I guarantee you if they won Super Bowl all the bandwagoners would say “I knew they could do it all along”..I wish all you bandwagon chief fans and fair weather fans would jump off because there would he a small portion of true chief fans and it would feel much better rooting for them..they finally have a team that want to do things in the nfl and cheap ass fans that almost die when they lose given they have a playoff berth..gtfo of here

  16. As a chief fan for soo many years I believe the team can only be completely strong if they can fix the QB situation by getting one as sharp as the top top QB’s in the NFL.!enough of talks &thoughts ..! It’s soo simple

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