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(ESSENCE.COM) – For the February 2014 issue of ESSENCE, writer Audrey Edwards caught up with the busiest man in show business, Steve Harvey, and his better half, Marjorie. The comedian turned media mogul divides his time between Atlanta and Chicago each day hosting three hit shows: the super-popular syndicated radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show; the legendary Family Feud; and his daytime TV talk show, The Steve Harvey Show, now in its second season. Add to that his sold-out stand up gigs and two bestselling relationship books and there’s no denying that Harvey is on a serious hot streak.

Yet, when one asks what the secret to his success is, he is clear: “Everything I have,” he says and points to his wife of seven years, “is because of this girl right here.” It was love at first sight for Harvey, as he watched Marjorie walk into the Memphis comedy club he was playing, and he let his feelings be known right then and there.

He stood onstage and announced to her, “I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you.” Marjorie’s moment of clarity came a few weeks later. “I knew he was The One shortly after I started dated him…but then he just left. Disappeared.”

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  1. luv me some steve… men can learn alot from him

  2. He has learned from his past. I support him through buying his books and giving them out to all my male friends…HINT

  3. Steve is lyin cheatin hypocrite an he only succesful cuz these depressed lonely azz black women keep buyin his books

  4. Didnt he cheat on his ex-wife???? Isnt he in his 3rd marriage??? Now he’s giving relationship advive????

  5. When will Steve Harvey speak to the male members out there and preach to them about being decent men to their women. Why should the women do all of the work?
    As for his previous relationships, THEY ARE OVER AND IN THE PAST. He’s learned and grown from them and has become a better man, husband and father. NOW WRITE A BOOK TO THE GUYS AND TEACH THEM!!!! I am so tired of all of these books chastising women. We can’t make men change…we just deal with what we got. MAKE THEM GET BETTER!!!

  6. Now i see why blaq chicks are lonely… they listen to whackos like Steve. lol


  8. I just can’t with Steve Harvey. He reminds me of everybody’s favorite uncle whom they love but knows he is full of crap.

  9. @1Val: You got that right, amazing how woman fill the audience on a daily basis looking for love advice from a man on his third marriage, btw, there is some back story as to when he first met Marjorie, but I guess this ain’t the time to go into it

  10. I do like Steve Harvey as an entertainer and I think Majorie is a beautiful woman but a seven year marriage is hardly making love last. I’ve been married for 25 years (to the same man) so I KNOW!!

  11. If it wasnt for desperate black women Steve would be homeless

  12. There are haters under every rock. This is a beautiful black couple and I wish them continued success in they marriage. Haters get a life.

  13. I’m not a fan of Steve Harvey nor do I take him seriously on giving relationship advice. His comments make it seem as if he was off “working on himself” in the time that he was not with Marjorie and as if his “being a great man” had nothing to do with his ex-wife or his time with her. Le sigh, I digress. The issue is about love and as such, his current love, who is Marjorie; so there is no need to dig into or dwell on his past love. Best wishes to the two and hopefully this is the relationship that endures for him.

  14. I’ve watched Steve for years. I like his radio show and his talk show. There is no relationship that comes without struggle. There is no person born that doesn’t have to find thier way. Steve is no different. Whatever his past troubles were with his exes are just that…past tense. We learn from the past and move forward. If he and Marjorie are happy, great! I don’t know anything first hand about either of them but from what I can see in the media, they are a good couple.

  15. Steve harvey is a genius. Anybody who is capable of tricking a bunch of single women into believing his goofy dating methods work is no dummy

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