1. I’m goin’ down
    Down on your sisturrrr
    Once I remove
    Her underpants

  2. This video , in my opinion ( not critiquing the song , I love this song ) , but the music video is DISGUSTING

  3. I love this song

  4. Kingshuk Mondal

    omg im still listing this song in 2017

  5. Timber is an awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!############😂😂😊😊😊

  6. 4 years of this song! I feel old😧

  7. You better move you better dance
    Me . You better lose you have better romance

  8. manuel gil martinez

    Kesha ❤

  9. Lorraine Vitoria Menezes


  10. Jill Valentine

    Pit bull is a mad 🐕

  11. Wow this song is so addiction 🙌 this song is never too old

  12. The only time Kesha has ever actually looked really good like damn😍

  13. I Drink Your Milkshake

    Every pit bull song has references to sex, travel and money

  14. Bosiljka Misic

    I’m a cowgirl 😂😂 This song is so cool!!! Do you a cowgirl/boy?

  15. Every woman in this video is hotter than Ke$ha.

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