Janet Jackson shares adorable baby pic following separation from her husband

Janet shares cute baby pic despite split from husband/Mirror.

Janet shares baby picture after split.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES – “Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger. But she ain’t messing with no broke…” Janet Jackson recently walked out on her husband. But that didn’t stop the 50-year-old ‘Control’ singer from sharing her first photo of newborn son Eissa. On Friday, Janet posted an endearing pic of her 14-week-old child on social media along with the adorable caption“My baby and me after nap time.” The image shows a sleepy Eissa yawning as he stares into the camera for a selfie. Janet and her estranged husband — billionaire Wissam Al Mana, 42 — welcomed Eissa on Jan. 3rd. According to an inside source, Janet “absolutely loves” motherhood and the momma-son combo are doing “really good.”

Wish we could say the same for her marriage.

After 5 years of holy matrimony, Janet and Wissam have decided to split. The couple got hitched in 2012. “To the most beautiful person in the world, thank you for your divine love, your eternal support and for being my best friend,” Wissam wrote on his website shortly after going public with the split.

“I love you so much, inshallah [which means “if Allah wills it”],” the note continued, “we will be together in the Great Forever x.” In spite of their differences, Janet and Wissam plan to raise their son together.

Some are calling their separation a gold digger move?

Do you think Janet is after Wissam’s money?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i hear that if she divorces him she will get millions of dollars

  2. 500 million to be exact .

  3. I think this was an arraignment & not an actual marriage… Now that Janet is $500 million dollars richer I’m interested in seeing which parent ends up with the baby…

  4. wow she had a baby and pretended to love a random ugly guy that she didn’t give 2 fucks about, ALL for money. Never would i EVER sacrifice my body and especially NOT my dna and life/future/child/another human’s existence ALL for money. smh shit is disgusting. Golding digging hoe ass, thot type shit. Just NASTY and embarrassingly desperate.

  5. Johnnyboy JT You must be blind because their is nothing ugly about that man! I figured he chose Janet because of who she was because their are many women out.there who are more beautiful and with his money and looks he could have had any of them.

  6. she marry a guy who is 8 year younger then her then have a baby and now left him because of money ho you fucking cunt that bitch is worse then Blac Chyna

  7. This bitch is the BIGGEST GOLDDIGGER ever!

  8. Yes,VERY well-timed. The whole dramatic performance reeks ARRANGED throughout. This “marriage” ends right after giving birth. Right at the 5-year mark. People people, people, Janet did not push out this baby. TRUST there was a surrogate. Janet was the ideal, high-profile celebrity to play this role to help put this story in the limelight. She “marries” and oh-so-perfectly -and-conveniently gives Wissam a much-needed, much-dedired MALE HEIR!!! Yes, a BOY!!! Now arrives Katherine Jackson in her supporting role flying out to be with her daughter and meeting her new “grandson.” As with all of Janet’s poor acting performances, this latest role in being a “cover” for Wissam is not convincing, either! But, for this role, she apparently got paid handsomely. Hopefully, with this paycheck she’ll go and sit down somewhere. Permanently!!!

  9. I’m tired of Black women chasin coins and Black men chasin paper over integrity and decency. I hope this is not the reason for this alleged split between Janet and husband. All Black queens are NOT chasin coins and bags .

  10. Michelle Estes

    SMDH!!! U miserable, depressed, no life having negative ppl. Check your facts before you speak. Smdh. You’ll and the miserable narrative is a damn joke. He was controlling. Most black women never have a chance to marry for that type of money. We all know 95 of our black men , not trying to give up shyt. We also know most men show they ass when women are pregnant. U ppl need to go take a seat.

  11. Another single black mother. The money isn’t worth having a broken home.

  12. Wisdom Reflects Earth

    Black women like this disgust me! Like its cool to raise babies by ourselves!.. smmfh

  13. Janet has a beautiful, healthy baby boy….congrats!!! Whateva her motives…ic there are any -oh well….her life. Perhaps some of you should get one too.

  14. I have had 3 babies, even though I was in my twenties, the pregnancies were high risk and required lots of bed rest. 50…FIFTY damn years old having a baby, Janet loved his ass, damn that 💰.

  15. Just hoping the baby grow up happy and healthy. Whatever arrangements Janet and father have made together, let it be a positive one for baby!

  16. she doesn’t need his money and the media needs to stay out of celebrities lives they are ppl just like anyone else and nobody has any right to judge anyone that is what’s wrong with this world everyone just has to judge someone nobody is perfect so ppl on here judging them should take out their own trash before they trash someone else im sure someone will make a smart reply to this comment but everyone has their own opinion that’s just mine i wasn’t raised to judge ppl

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