Broncos star Shane Ray calls Kansas City “Murder Factory” in The Players’ Tribune

Shane Ray laments bad experiences growing up in Kansas City.

Broncos star recalls upbringing in KC.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DENVER — Shane Ray, outside linebacker with the Denver Broncos, just penned an article for The Players’ Tribune and the former Mizzou star disseminated some very unflattering stories about his horrific upbringing in Kansas City — a place he calls “The Murder Factory.” When he was 12-years-old, Ray said he discovered a dead man’s body just down the road from his home. The victim was shot in the head. A year later, Ray’s cousin became a murder victim in a “random botched robbery.”

Family dysfunction and poverty made things significantly worse. Ray always got into fights at school. “When you’re a kid, it takes a little while before you start really thinking about the fact that you’re living in a bad area,” Ray wrote. “It was just home to me. I didn’t know any better.”

“Then I got a little older and I’d invite friends over after school,” Ray added. “We’d get to my house and they’d always react the same way: ‘This is where you live?’ Then we’d go to one of their houses in Mission, Kansas. Rows and rows of perfectly maintained lawns in front of huge brick houses.”

“When I’d get back home, I would suddenly notice the stuff on my block — like it appeared out of nowhere. Burned buildings. Condemned property. Drug dens. Shady dudes on the corner. And it dawned on me: So I guess this is the hood, then.”

Do you agree with Ray’s assessment of Kansas City?

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  1. Glad how good shane is doing down in denver

  2. Carlton Rucker

    He made the right move leaving that shitty town

  3. MinecraftBossx5

    Mizzou made

  4. i met shane ray got pic with him

  5. Denver is known for: Mountain scenery, Clean Air, Super Bowl Championships

    Kansas City is known for: Crime, Obesity, Diabetes and Homicides

  6. I got so fucking hyped when we got him because I study the draft a lot more than most people. I started running around my house screaming and my dad gave this look like, “what did I do wrong” 😂😂

  7. Already gots a ring

  8. Shane is my nigga

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