Three Mississippi men facing capital murder charges for killing 6-year-old boy

Tyreek Washington, Dwan Wakefield and Byron McBride facing capital murder.

Abduction, murder rattles Mississippi.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

JACKSON, Miss — Parents, please stop leaving your kids unattended inside a running car — especially at 1 o’clock in the morning. In Jackson, a trio of young men are facing capital murder charges after they allegedly murdered 6-year-old Kingston Frazier shortly after stealing his mother’s car around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest called a news conference to announce Byron McBride (19), D’Allen Washington (17) and Dwan Wakefield (17) will face charges.

According to police reports, Ebony Archie (Kingston’s mother) ran inside a supermarket and left her son alone inside a running vehicle. Surveillance video shows that after Archie went inside the store, another car pulled up and a man got out then drove off the Toyota Camry.

A child abduction alert was issued. Nine hours later, police found the vehicle abandoned in a muddy ditch about 15 miles north of the city. Kingston’s dead body was laid out in the backseat. He had been shot in the head execution style. “A 6-year-old is gone,” said Kolby Irby, Kingston’s cousin.

“His mother has to deal with this. That’s her baby.”

Word on the street claims Ebony stayed in the store for more than an hour.

Many think she should be jailed for negligence.

Some believe she worked in cahoots with the suspects.

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  2. Sick ppl….Sick minds😡

  3. There’s literally no hope for black kids

  4. Oh well. 4 less nigroids on the streets.


  6. this story gave me the chills. I remember an incident where I went to Walmart past midnight. I parked next to this car and I noticed to little girls not older than 8 in the parking lot with the window down and no parents around. I litterally went back to my car and waited till her mother came back. When her mother arrived I lied and told her that I heard these two men where thinking of taking her daughters so thats why I moved my car from the other side of the lot to be near hers to keep an eye out. She was so schocked and thank me. I don’t know why she was schocked tbh, it’s past midnight, you really think nothing sketchy is going to happen.

  7. Black people. As always

  8. Le'sieara Phillips

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother set this up! I mean you leave a child in a car at 1:30 am ,come on now she killed her kid or probably had it done. js this shit is sad.

  9. something smells Fishy you suppose to take your child with you. I think it was a setup to get insurance money I would not be surprised in this sick world we live in.

  10. brittany bolton

    The mom obviously got priority issues. Like how do you report your car as stolen first and not your kid til later? I wouldn’t even be thinking about the car cause my kid is gone. The car would be an afterthought. I would like to know the motive of the teens. My tin hat suspicion is that someone put the teens up to it. But that’s just my opinion. That mom is just too suspicious.

  11. The Mother had that baby killed I don’t care what no one say

  12. So initially she didn’t tell the cops her son was in the back seat of her car…. what if the child was already shot when they stole the car? I want to hear more on this story

  13. Janel J hey I did not think of that, she could have been in the store that long waiting for someone to come along and take the car and the blame for killing her son. OMG!!!

  14. The morther was at a night club with the boy in the back seat, played it off like she went to Krogers
    Had called the the men to come pick the car up with her son take the car an hide it down the road 15miles. Thats why the little guy was dress the way he were had been sleep in the car at the club.The boy had been shot at least two times in the head. The morther did this to the son an the other 3 was just fools she called to come pick the car up an take it from the parking lot. Why wouldn’t she tell the police her some was in the car when she reported it miss , she waited a while that to give her friends time to hide the car. The morther killed her son. She will be in in jail with them soon just watch.

  15. Something is not right with the mother, if it’s an insurance scam, to hurt the father, to be free of the child.. it WILL come out eventually. Trust.

  16. Caribbean PAPI

    All I know Is these 3 niggas gonna get killed in prison by the prisoners or the guards cuz niggas in jail hate baby killers

  17. Omg. In the store running car over an hr wit fully dressed 6 year old left in the car 😳😱😢😭

  18. Im hearing so many different stories about this…like she was already out and just stopped by Kroger before going home for only 10-15 minutes! This IS VERY disturbing! I just cant wrap my mind around the whole situation. It does feel like some kind of conspiracy…i.e insurance money😡

  19. The reason why the world is becoming more wicked is because I believe we are living in the end of times predicted in the Bible.
    “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭24:12‬
    2 Timothy 3 “In the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”

  20. This story does not sit well with my spirit. There is something suspicious about the mother. The truth will come to light.

  21. I’ve had to go out late at night before. When my son was sick I kept him with me in the store. It took a long time for the staff to find the keys. A lot of the medications and other things were locked up. Sounds like the kid was up late that’s why he was still in his clothes. The drive probably put him to sleep. If you have a kid with a fever… having to many clothes on the child will increase the fever. So, to me leaving the car running for what? Is it a hot or cold night in that area? Was the car running for heat or ac? Long story short she should have had the baby with her to administer the medication right away. He should have not been left in the car. She might have left him in the car before to feel comfortable with doing this. The world is too crazy to leave a child unattended. That’s why my kids don’t get to play outside by them selves. Bless that child’s soul. 😢

  22. ingrid robinson


  23. i honestly think he was dead wen they took that car n they panicked n ditched da car she killed her own son

  24. Mi-Mi Canterbury

    😔😔As a mother this is why I am never taking anything for granted! May his soul be with Our Heavenly Father 🙏🏽

  25. His mom needs to take responsibility for her actions instead of trying to blame the police. No responsible parent would leave a six-year-old child in a running car at 1 o’clock in the morning.

  26. princesslamour1985

    ive worked nightshift for 7yrs. I’m usually at Walmart at 2 or 3 am and ive seen kids in backseats watching cartoons on ipads with car running and no parent in sight. it happens more than u may think

  27. why do I have this feeling that their is a set up and coincidence. I fell like the kid was killed by the parent put in the car . Then went into the store left the car on with the keys so that someone else could take it and live it at another place .to cover the whole thing . Let the judge or the people investigating this case not jump to the conclusion of the three boys because something might be hidden under the carpet. Who lives the car running with a kid inside ?????

  28. What has happened to “US.” From slavery to civil rights-to this? What heart breaking news! Poor little baby boy! That child like all children are the best of us and we keep letting them down. Those teens could have easily just let the baby boy go-what has happened to us! God please save us-from ourselves!

  29. Hasn’t anyone responding to this story watched the attached video? It states that the child was picked up by mom from a cousin who baby sat him while she went out.

  30. If this was a car jacking…why kill a child…just put him out of the car on the roadside. OK, if the car jackers intended to kill the witness so the 6 year old wouldn’t identify them…then put the kid out then kill him. This is all fishy. The criminals kill the child and leave the car. That don’t make sense unless the object of this whole ordeal was to intentionally kill the child in the first place.

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