Manchester Bombing: Singer Ariana Grande suspends her worldwide tour

Ariana Grande suspends concert tour after Manchester bombing.

Ariana suspends worldwide tour.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MANCHESTER, England — In the wake of Monday’s bloody terrorist bombing in England that took the lives of nearly two dozen concert-goers, pop songstress Ariana Grande has decided to suspend the remainder of her world tour and who can blame her? A close source said the teen idol is inconsolable and completely incapable of performing. Scooter Braun, Ariana’s manager, issued a statement, saying, “We mourn the lives of children and loved ones taken by this cowardly act,” before adding, “We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.”

Ariana, 23, was performing at a sold-out Manchester Arena (capacity 21,000) when an explosive device (a nail bomb) was detonated, causing a stampede as scores of terrified fans ran towards the exits. At least 22 people are dead and another 60 are wounded.

Children as young as 8-years-old were among the victims. The suspected suicide bomber, 22-year-old Salman Ramadan Abedi, died at the scene. Police arrested another person of interest. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Is the terrorist group untouchable?

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  1. Some sort of demon

    I feel so bad for Ariana. Imagine people taking the opportunity to kill people at your own concert. She must be devastated, yet I don’t see enough people talking about her.
    My heart goes out to all those affected. I hope people learn that security is important, for god’s sake.

  2. Fuck niggers and muslims

  3. If islam is religion of peace i am afraid even of thinking what was it able to do if it was a religion of hate!

  4. British Fascist

    At this point, freedom is irrelevant. Islam and its terroristic, anti-humanitarian followers are in the process of destroying the Western world, and the weak system of democracy has proven countless times that it cannot stop them. Manchester is just one example of hundreds of others. Muslims have proven they are not above murdering children in the name of their religion, how many more need to be killed until the Western world realizes that Islam seeks to destroy us and our culture? In order to destroy the threat of Islam, we need to abolish all democratic governments in the West.

    A Fascist totalitarian government is necessary to destroy the threat of Islam. People are understandably reluctant to give up their freedoms, but it is necessary to ensure our civilization’s safety and the security of our people. Democracy is what lead to the rise of Islam in the West in the name of “tolerance”, and therefore, it must be destroyed to prevent the tolerance of future destructive religions and ideologies.

    The people must revolt and overthrow the weak system of democracy, or else our civilization and culture will be destroyed by the cult of Islam. As Sir Oswald Mosley once said, we must be one United Europe to combat and defend against all foreign threats.

  5. fuckin muslims……. they are responsible for this

  6. Muslims and Islam are to blame 🙁

  7. people that say muslims are doing this should take a closer look at Islam! The number one sin in islam to kill a human! and yeah a suicide bomber casually takes his passport with him. hahah people are dumb – dont get fooled by the media.

  8. This isnt Islam you fuckers stop blaming a religion. Terrorists are terrorists, they don’t care about who they kill.

  9. Most muslims are peaceful

    Dont believe the lies

  10. Yep, Muslims are very peaceful, they only hate our flag, and they only hate the women because they are not cover up, and they only hate mother day, and they only hate the cross and they only say is ok to rape women because they are not cover up, and they only hate the church’s and they only hate the Christmas tree and they only hate ,Jesus Christ, and they only loves the book Quran because it say kill all infidels, and so on and on, but they are peaceful.

  11. The fact of the matter remains that not all Muslims are terrorists but unfortunately we’ve seen that all terrorists are Muslims. Muslims need to understand and respect that if you’re being watched on a higher level it’s not discrimination but merely safety precautions. Personally, If I was a real Muslim, I would gladly tell the government to follow my shopping expenses, my entire LIFE even, if that’s what it takes to make this world a safer place. But goodness, this sh*t has to stop. Muslims need to take a stand against this as well instead of playing the “Oh but you’re hurting us in Syria” card. This is wrong, this is unacceptable
    and nothing that happened prior to this can justify blowing up people at a concert.

  12. That’s what happens when you let these people in. The actions of your leaders have caused this, they don’t care about you at all, they care more about the muslims and pushing for mass migration. The shit has hit the fan, obviously and theirs no going back, attacks like these will soon become a common crime like shop lifting.

  13. Maybe this will deter people from going to her concerts and paying for her high standard of living. She is an absolutely awful performer and I was laughing when I heard it was specifically her event that got attacked.

  14. this is so sad😢😢 such young souls…some people are evil


  16. Isis are terrorists NOT muslims and for the people saying that most terrorist are muslims here are a few facts for the uneducated majority that are so quick to jump into conclusions.
    1: Who started the 1st world war? Was it Muslims?
    2. Who started the 2nd world war? Was it Muslims?
    3. Who killed about 20million of aborgines in Australia? Was it Muslims?
    4. Who sent the nuclear bombs to Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Was it Muslims?
    5. Who killed more than 100million Indians in North America? Was it Muslims?
    6. Who killed more than 50million Indians in South America? Was it Muslims?
    7. Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves, of whom 88% died and were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean? Was it Muslims?

    No, they weren’t Muslims. First you have to define terrorism properly. If a non-Muslim does something bad, it is a crime. But if a Muslim commits the same act, he is a terrorist. Remove this double standard then come to the point.

  17. Britney Lattimore

    So sad!😭😭 God Bless the families of those who lost their lives

  18. Holy fucking shit. I’m tired of you all muslims and ISIS members. You all deserve to die like the million jews Hitler killer



  21. john frankmore

    ANYONE attending an Ariana Grande concert deserves to be BLOWN UP. Did you not see the video where she and her retard boyfriend are licking donuts that will be served to others, and how she said she hates Americans and hates America? I HOPE ALL ARIANA CONCERTS ARE TERRORIZED. MAY ANYONE ATTENDING THEM BE BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS ! HAVE A NICE DAY ! ;)

  22. When do we decide to wake up and deal with this islamic terrorism!!??

  23. imagine having to sit through an Ariana Grande concert and then getting blown up. the guy wasn’t a terrorist, he just was bummed after seeing a crappy show.

  24. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That’s the Islamic way. So what are you Liberal Christian Democrat pussies going to do? Oh it has nothing to do with Muslims……..Motherfucker!

  25. It’s time to repent and turn to Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

    For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Exodus 34:14

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3

  26. That’s funny that all those people died. 😂 they should crown whoever did this genius plan.

  27. fuck all of you…at least Mohammed didnt sit back and watch his people die like a bitch. how is ariana fucking grande Mexican ass gunna sing “side to side” for a tribute to young teenage girls, victims of terrorism. all the people associated with this bullshit should burn in hell

  28. i don’t get all the comments claiming this attack has to do with a certain religion. it’s the 21st century. racism has divided us before in slavery; do we really want to be racist again and have our grandkids look down at us as “racists” ?? why blame a whole group of people for this? Islam is the second religion in the world. 2 BILLION people strong. if all Muslims were terrorists i’m pretty sure the world would’ve been completely doomed by now. Most people pointing fingers at muslims have probably never read the Quran or even lived in an Islamic Country. It’s really sad knowing a kid can be living in a non muslim country reading all these comments and starting to feel bad because of the worlds point of view towards his/her culture. can’t you see that THIS is what creates the hate? THIS is the real terror. Yes, some people claim to be muslim and kill on the name of Islam but that’s only because they want the world to hate Muslims and it’s happening. the world listens to media and doesn’t think. Aren’t there bad guys in all religions? i don’t believe Muslims are terrorists because if you’ve ever read the holy Quran, which i’ve read multiple times, you will not find a verse that states that you’re allowed to kill the innocent. in fact, killing the innocent makes you get out of Islam. I do not believe all Jews are bad either, considering i’ve had friends who were Jews. Look up what terrorists are doing to muslim countries. look at the wars over there. it isn’t the muslims. it’s a group of people who hate muslims and want them to be hated by all so they go kill by the name of Allah. and it’s happening. unfortunately, the world is too blind to see the truth. If we want the hate to end, we shall hold hands and stand for all religions and all races. Jews hold Muslims’ hands and Muslims hold Christians’ hands. Religion does not reflect on who you are of a human being. Are you gonna judge someone because they believe in a God? Are you gonna judge someone because they dont? No one has the right to interfere. Yes, you can ask because education is the only way to understand and get knowledge of what’s actually happening; but only ask if your intentions are knowledge. if you intend to make fun in any kind of way, why make someone feel bad? What would that bring you? I’m sure people who hate Muslims have never spent a day with one all their lives. Please do not point fingers. Instead, hold hands. Hug. Stand together. Raise your voice. Everyone has the right to live freely and without any fears; the only way to do so is to stop the hate by coming together and not branching out because that’s exactly what the terrorists want. If a person is an actual Muslim, and by that i mean a muslim by heart not by name, then they wouldn’t do anything that would cause a slight bit of harm to anyone.

  29. Free Speech Forum

    Maybe one reason the US is a police state today is because Americans might hear about a reason to support freedom, but then quickly forget about it.

    Americans need to be obsessive about liberty now or Americans will end up in the concentration camps soon.

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