Atlanta Housewives fixture Kenya Moore marries her secret crush, Marc Daly

Kenya Moore elopes with Marc Daly in sunset ceremony.

Kenya Moore got married in St. Lucia.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Here’s something ‘Gone with the wind fabulous!’ After spending five seasons on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore is finally a wife. The 46-year-old reality TV star eloped a couple weeks ago. Crowned Miss USA in 1993, Kenya said “I do” to businessman Marc Daly, 47, on June 10th in a romantic sunset ceremony held at a private resort in St. Lucia. “It was just so perfect,” Kenya gushed. “We wanted something simple and not overcomplicated.” Fans of the popular Bravo show are wondering why the nuptials weren’t televised.

“He didn’t want it to be left up to other people’s interpretation of love,” Kenya said. “He just wanted it to be what he sees it: him looking into my eyes and us being together. It was just two people in love who wanted to get married.” Kenya and Marc met a year ago but didn’t start dating until December.

Despite her age, Kenya plans to have kids right away.

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  1. Angel Del Valle

    kenya you deserve it team twirl all the fucking way!! #salute

  2. Here we go again. Kenya please stop staging weddings to look like you got married. This is probably her filming her low budget films again.

  3. BabyDollAccess

    I’m so happy for Kenya. I believe this because its so like an Aquarius to be private about a person they truly love. She wants to make this relationship work so NO cameras!!! #teamtwirl

  4. Don’t forget she paid someone to marry her and y’all better hope its not you’re MAN Kenya Moore Hoe!!!

  5. I am very happy for her!!!! I pray that everyone finds love with happiness forever.

  6. I do think understand why black females can’t just uplift each other all the time. I’m happy for her hopefully it doesn’t get ruined by the reality show curse. Next are babies fingers crossed😍

  7. With Phaedra allegedly being fired,this is her ONLY play.None of the remaining women have any anything going on,especially her! Believe me,she would milk a wedding special to it’s last dime if she could,this is yet another Rent-A-Man we have to sit thru her community center stage play acting with! Ugh Bravo GET RID OF HER AND PORSHA,they have had a different boyfriend EVERY SINGLE SEASON,this routine is late and tired.

  8. We understand that she get paid for being on real house wife’s but, it’s OK to have some form of privacy in your life. It’s 24 hours in a day and some of those hours belong to her privacy.

  9. Kenniethia Green


  10. Bertha Gladney

    she said she wanted a small private wedding…and i don’t blame her for keeping it on the hush..

  11. Meme Richardson

    Let’s see when she came on the show she said her last man was abusive to her, then it was Walter who she begged to marry her & he said no then he was broke, ugly, gay & stalker, after that it was Matt & he was the best man ever then he was crazy, a stalker & abusive. Now it’s a new husband, well I wonder how long it’ll be before he becomes some or all of those things

  12. In 3 months Miss Gone With The Wind Fabulous will twirl her crazy ass to divorce court

  13. Kenya Moore don’t have no storyline she need to get off the show we all know she married God damn now

  14. Joenette Grant

    He’s going to be on the show! He is Kenya’s story line! She’s smart. She had to bring something just as big as the return of nene and kim for season 10. This will certainly be an interesting season this fall.

  15. Brenda Chileshe

    Am happy for you Kenya,may god keep blessing you and your husband

  16. Jocelyn Carter

    😂😂😂😂 This fool finally bought a husband. Kenya learned that from Kandi. 😂😂😂😂

  17. Congratulations!

    Fuck u haters!


  18. Brenda Chileshe

    Am happy for you Kenya,may god keep blessing you and your husband

  19. Corijuan Reese

    Looks like somebody wanted to secure a season 10 storyline lol. I mean you can only deal with getting over your crazy ex for the cameras for so long. This is funny to me. But if she’s happy, i guess that’s all that matters.

  20. It’s like you get with these fake REALITY shows and your life belong to them. Is your soul worth money. Watch out when you sign this contract. Btw she had a life good or bad before this housewife mess. #TEAMKENYA

  21. Jelicia Norwood

    Ladies its never too late for God to send you your husband. Age shouldnt matter.

  22. I don’t think anyone should believe that she got married remember last year around this time they had pictures of
    Her being pregnant, so what happen to the baby? Now this year she is married ya right

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