‘Empire’ is all over the place, script appears lazily written, story lacks realism

Empire has to get back to its ruthless ways.

Empire’s stock is plummeting fast.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHICAGO — Lucious Lyon, the baddest mofo to ever walk the planet, has one leg. Now he’s the baddest mofo to ever hop the planet. That’s how far downhill Empire has traveled since achieving record television ratings a couple years ago. As a matter of fact, Lucious (Terrence Howard) ain’t even Lucious no more. He now prefers to be called Dwight. Lord help us. Lee Daniels’ hip hop drama kicked off its 4th season Wednesday night on Fox with a storyline so remedial Dr. Seuss would blush. The opening sequence introduces viewers to the new Lucious who’s recovering from injuries sustained during last season’s car bombing.

Nevermind the fact Lucious wasn’t close enough to the explosion to suffer a nose bleed, let alone sever a limb. If you recall, after knocking Cookie out the way, Lucious leaped several feet away from the vehicle prior to detonation. Short-term memory loss is understandable. But losing a leg? Negro, this ain’t Vietnam. Then again, realism is obviously not a part of Daniels’ repertoire so we’ll let it go.

In addition to coping with a prosthetic limb, Lucious has amnesia. He also experiences panic attacks every time the wind blows. Yet, his estranged wife Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) and Caucasian psychologist Claudia (Demi Moore) find him so irresistible they almost come to blows.

Damn, Lucious is apparently the most attractive one-legged man in the world.

The story gets even sillier.

Rather than cancel the big concert in celebration of 20 years of Empire’s existence, Cookie forces Lucious… er… Dwight to attend despite the fact he’s fresh out the hospital and can’t remember a damn thang. Seriously, what’s the point of celebrating 20 years of history when Lucious can’t recall what he did 20 minutes ago?

Shortly after arriving at the massive event, Lucious conveniently runs into Carlotta (Queen Latifah) from Star — Daniels’ other musical drama on Fox — because, well… Daniels is hellbent on forcing America to watch Star. Heck, you almost get the sense Empire and Star equates to a package deal.

Nevertheless… after his awkward exchange with Carlotta, Lucious throws a big tantrum in protest of all the people hollering his name then falls to the floor screaming like a choleric 2-year-old.

The sad scene is merely a microcosm of a sad premiere.

Empire has to do better.

Its stock is plummeting.

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  1. The psychologist does not seem trustworthy from the “mischievous ” look she gives Cookie whenever she comes near Lucious !
    Episode one got me hooked; every scene was intriguing ! Lucious played the “non-monster” role eloquently .Cookie gave a great performance as well as the rest of the cast .
    N.b: Too many commercials jesus , this was not the super bawl lol ! Shoutout to the sponsors, no offense! Lol
    #next Wednesday where are you already lol# hooked

  2. Cookie better whoop that skinny bitch ass 😒😒😒😒

  3. When it started I was like yasssssssss, but watching half way am like what???? Lucious one leg like seriously 😕😕😕😕😕😕

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want the asshole Lucious back

  5. Hopefully, this season is a great season and not the same mary go round stuff.

  6. Lucious is faking it how the hell did he remember that Jamal is gay🤔

  7. I feel so sorry for Luscious it’s bad enough he lost his memory but now he lost his leg. BTW it looks like Hakeem get’s kidnapped again #EMPIRE #TEAMCOOKIE

  8. Who all think Luscious is faking? Who all think Cookie gone make the white woman disappear?

  9. empire was lit af tonight I loved the song love me it was amazing this song is the best calm love song ever made and who knew that cookie Lyon started it all


  11. Yep. I aint watching it. Too much bullshit

  12. hodges smokin meth again……… empire is dope

  13. QueenNewNew923

    Lucious is so cute with his amnesia. How dare he make us feel sorry for him LOL


    I believe luscious will get his memory back, and not let the family know he wants to punish them for what happened to him, he finds out that Andre and cookie betrayed him( except cookie cancelled her plans) it was too late for Andre

  15. That white nurse is up too no good. She gonna make luscious fall in love with her. She was hired by ms dubois. She’s evil

  16. Dejazmin James

    Poor cookie 😢

  17. Arthur Anderson

    Man Andre screwed up big time. Look what he’s done to his father.

  18. Eddie please make Luscious remember his career debut in the music industry !! He has to go back to his evil side man.

  19. Tondalaya Edwards

    I’m so glad that Hakeem got his beautiful daughter bella back……Thank God!!!!!

  20. Victoria Grace

    So exciting to see the great actor Forest Whitaker come to Empire! Now we have Whitaker, Rashad, Leslie Uggams and of course the power team, Howard and Henson–man, I’m telling you, Lee Daniels knows how to get the very best for his shows. What a roster of talent.

  21. Daniel Peoples

    Ok luscious getting on my nerves him and that bitch doctor,Tianna CAME TF THRU with new music in the studio scene😍… Where is Nessa?

  22. I feel so bad for Lucious, hope he gets his memory back soon and come back roaring like always

  23. QueenNewNew923

    I see that Tiana will be the next person flying off a building. We know Anika is crazy 😂😂😂

  24. And everyone hated lucious because he was smart and vindictiv and evil but when they make him nice everyone wants the old lucious back

  25. Philip Cultures

    Hmm wonder if Trai (Andre) has a clause in his contract saying they have to keep Anika (his wife’s character) alive because I can’t think of any other reason her irrelevant ass still in the show

  26. if he get his full memory back he might become even more evil,being that he’s handicap now he will bust his
    gun more quicker

  27. Demi is pissing me off. This story line is really ticking me off. Lost leg and memory loss to much. Then you bring in the sneaky white woman in. Time for her to go and Lucious back.

  28. Lucious is one sexy mixed race man look at those green eyes wow ..he is like Obama with green eyes ..Mulatto Men are so beautiful ..come to Nigeria baby 😍😍

  29. OMG Bella looks so adorable 😍😍😍😭😭❤❤😥😥😥 can’t wait for Wednesday

  30. Cookie’s make up is becoming too much now

  31. Jhedanique Coley

    Hakeem😂: Luscious Lion was the Mac the biggest don in the game not this bitch ass hoping on one leg singing love songs.
    Jamal😂: here we go again lil stupid ass wanna be gangster Hakeem.😂😭😂THIS GOT ME DEAD

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