Rapper Nelly busted amid claims of sexual assault on tour bus, woman called 911

Nelly accused of raping woman on his tour bus.

Nelly arrested for rape near Seattle.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SEATTLE — It’s gettin’ hot in here. Rapper Nelly, legal name Cornell Haynes Jr., was busted in Des Moines, Washington after a woman accused him of raping her on his tour bus early Saturday morning. Auburn police spokesman Commander Steve Stocker said the “Country Grammar” artist was arrested around 4:30 a.m. inside his tour bus at an area Walmart. The woman reportedly called 911 claiming she was raped. Nelly, a St. Louis native, performed at Auburn’s White River Amphitheatre on Friday night. His attorney, Scott Rosenblum, called the woman’s allegations bogus. 

“Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness,” Rosenblum said in an email. “I am confident, once this scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges. Nelly is prepared to address and pursue all legal avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation.”

Do you believe Rosenblum?

Is Nelly capable of rape?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I dont believe this.. Why would a rich famous male who looks good rape a girl knowing its gonna ruin his career? Im pretty sure this girl is making up stuff just to get attention like all the other women on this planet. Women are born manipulative.

  2. Im going to hold off until more stuff comes out. Im not one of those chicks that believe just because hes handsome with money that he cant be a rapist but I just feel like this might be some bull. If he did though then bye Nelly its a wrap

  3. Doitlooklikeigotlefoffbaandbugee ?

    😳 It was getting hot in there but she didn’t want to take off all her clothes 🔥 pimp juice must of ran out 🥛Now he’s in a Dilemma Cops gone be all up in his GrillZ uh oooooh..ayyy must be the moneyy 😆😂😭

  4. He got aggressive for the pussy😂😂😂

  5. Didnt Joe Budden say that there will be more females coming out claiming rape?? And i dont support rape at all, but man some of you gold diggers fucked it up for the real victims. Let me guess this “victim” wants her piece of the pie and she good? Right?

  6. Wtf is going on in these niggas heads ???

  7. ItzThe Drunk Bastard

    Nelly got nailed

  8. kayvon jefferson

    This shit false

  9. all these thots just tryna get some 💸. stop bringing down our brothers hoe ass

  10. Damn first Mystical, who we know is being charged, currently for rape a second time. Now, Nelly, the circumstances that surround these 2 men are very questionable. But like, they say, there’s 2 sides to every story. Don’t be so quick to judge. Also these niggas need to quit hanging out with all these hanger ons. because they can also be guilty by association to. smooches😘

  11. He about to get some dick in jail

  12. That much money and fame and he has to rape a chick? Not buying it.

  13. Check instagram she’s already claiming she wants to settle for 6 figures. Lying ass female just wants money.

  14. If she’s lying (which she most likely is) then she deserve the amount of time locked up that a man would get for actual rape… No way around that. Do you know how bad that ruins a man’s reputation in society, famous or not. It’s even more tarnishing for a regular dude that has to actually work a real job. Shit is bogus and we as a society need to fix the problem.

    If he’s legit a rapist then I’m hella disappointed… We’ll see wassup.

  15. Lies!! Fabricated bullshit!!!
    She just wants a pay day.

  16. I don’t believe this shit. We are in a culture where people can make false accusations to sue or extort others not considering how they may be destroying that person’s life….it’s horrible and it’s needs to be stopped.

  17. An’t nothin open after 12 but legs and motels and the waffle house. So anyway, you spin it, your being treated cheap. 😘smooches

  18. if it’s proven she’s lying, SHE needs to go to prison…laws need to change, b/c there is no consequences for lying women…and i’m a woman, WE need to start speaking out.

  19. chalinoahuesoduro

    Entertainers like Nelly are used to having woman throw themselves at him. Could it be that this girl wasnt trying to sleep with him but since he is a star he probably tought “im nelly everyone wants to sleep with me” so when the girl says “no i dont want to” in his mind his still thinking ” im Nelly every woman wants to sleep with me n your not the exception” in that moment to Nelly “no” meant yes.


    Who gives a F about all these freakin idiots??? Why do y’all care??? Are any of you awake to what’s going on in this world? In the US??? People need to stop caring about celebrities and their bullshit and wake up to the shit that really matters!!!

  21. master Splinter

    It’s always a set up these niggas ain’t got to rape no bitch,they can have who they want,look at the fat pig that accused usher like he would even touch it with a 10 ft pole

  22. He was inappropriate with that little girl idc if he was drunk. Idk why any of those little girls were there. And they all were little white girls…sumn ain’t right.

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