Should NFL players stand for the national anthem? The simple answer is “yes.”

Jerry Jones catching hell for forcing players to respect U.S. flag.

NFL players takin’ humongous risk.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DALLAS — Should NFL players stand for the national anthem? The simple answer is “yes” and it has everything to do with finances. For starters, television ratings for NFL games continue to plummet each week as thousands of disgruntled fans have grown sick and tired of enduring pregame protests from Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, Oakland Raiders runningback Marshawn Lynch and their colleagues; now they’re turning the channel. Attendance remains on the decline at many arenas. Also, at President Donald Trump’s audacious behest, many state governments are threatening to strip tax breaks from NFL franchises as a result of players kneeling and “disrespecting the flag.”

Then there’s the possibility of sponsors pulling out.

Keep in mind, contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL. Players don’t have the financial blanket of security that warms NBA and MLB athletes. For example, former Kansas Jayhawk Joel Embiid just inked a new 5-year, $146 million contract extension with the Philadelphia 76ers despite the fact he’s played in a measly 31 games in three injury-plagued seasons.

It’s possible Embiid will never complete a full 82-game schedule.

Yet, he’s set for life because NBA contracts are assured.

Three other NBA players — Steph Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook — recently signed supermax deals in excess of $200 million each. NFL players don’t have that luxury. Hell, most are just a ruptured achilles away from being unemployed. In other words, every penny counts. Less revenue and less tax dollars equates to less pay for NFL employees.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have both issued mandates for player conduct during the presentation of the national anthem. Sure, many current and former players are livid in disagreement. The labor union has already filed a grievance. ESPN anchor Jemele Hill was suspended 2-weeks for expressing her displeasure.

But it’s certainly in Goodell’s and Jones’ best interest to protect the business.

They couldn’t care less about the issues of their players.

Besides, sports are supposed to provide an escape from world issues.

If we want politics, we can always watch CNN.

By using their craft to promote a socioeconomic agenda, NFL players are putting their financial futures in jeopardy and they simply can’t afford to. There are definitely other avenues available to raise awareness of issues tied to police brutality, black-on-black crime, etc. It’s imperative Goodell, the owners and the players union explore those options pronto and figure something out.

The natives have grown restless… and it’s affecting the league’s bottom line.

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    They forget that these black men are how they make their billions. Brothers stand strong and don’t allow them to treat you as slaves

  2. Fuck that flag

  3. I guess Jerry Jones moral compass was pretty cheap. The flag is just a false idol, rally behind ideas, speak truth to power!

  4. These PUSSIES don’t even know this anthem is is racist poem written by a slave owner. Fuck this Flag

  5. So Donald Trump tells the owners that the players have to stand? He is the king of the NFL?? wtf

  6. People pay money to escape from reality and all these kneeling dudes do is take them back to every day bullshit they are trying to get away from. When NFL ratings will tank to negative who will pay for Shannons BS?

  7. My brothers of the black American race..please just KNOW that the MAJORITY of white America is in fact not racist or prejudice..and FUCK the ones who are..of any race. I am white..and I speak for the majority of us who love you and your daily contributions to this country. Please just KNOW you are loved and that white America appreciates you. And loves you.

  8. thats what black poeple get for not owning your own shit , enough rich black entertainers and ball players to own several teams in both NFL and NBA but they rather spend it on cars and hoes . I dont blame jerry , teach these niggas a lesson . I own this shit , if wanna protest take that shit somewhere else .

  9. Let a few more racist cops shoot a few more unarmed black people and I think the NFL will blow up, especially if the media has anything to do with the flavor of its portrayal in the news left or right. The sad thing is racist cops with the motivation to kill the so called inhuman black individual are still in authority and still motivated. Our president will hear nothing, do nothing and say nothing about killing black people. If Trump said nothing in any way to express empathy/sympathy regarding the death of a white woman in Charlottesville don’t expect him to say anything in defense against the racially motivated murder of black people.

  10. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Every black and white player who plays for the Dallas Cowboys take a knee during the national anthem. Even if every black player took a knee they would have to forfeit the game. You are full of shit jones and so is trump trying to make this into disrespecting the flag issue. The reason players are not standing is because they are not willing to show pride for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. There are black men being killed and the people killing them are only getting a slap on wrist, only getting paid leave. This is bigger than football. There is video evidence and they’re still get away with it. That’s why they are kneeling. DON’T LET THEM CHANGE THE MESSAGE. That’s what they are trying to do.

  11. “Holy crap, I’ve got to pay the mortgage on my fifth vacation home, these negros gotta start standing!!”

  12. Calvin Mcbride

    America love it or leave it

  13. Jerry Jones is another Trump supporting redneck.. Yea he was good to black players,cause they made him a billionaire..

  14. Jerry Jones a whole bitch

  15. So if you want to express your first amendment right you’re not allowed to play? If i were one of those players i would do it anyway especially if i was dak or zeke then see how that turns out for jerry and his boyfriend trump

  16. “This is not an issue about our flag, this is an issue about police brutality, racism, and the ability of members of the NFL whose communities are disproportionately impacted by police misconduct to peacefully say enough. This is not simply a Black issue due to the number of white people also killed by police, but we know historically that when justice occurs for African Americans, all other members of our society benefit as well.” Derrick Johnson, NAACP President

    It’s a crying shame an elected POTUS doesn’t have mind enough to see or understand the justice in those words. But, what else can be expected from a White Supremacist. Sadly, his daddy and mother taught him to hate people of other races, so under the color of patriotism he decide to stifle these players right to protest while covertly agitating racism, hate, bigotry and prejudice in this country.

    Wish I could say “Donald, you the man” but the only right thing to say is “Donald, you the boy! The little boy!”

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