Lee Daniels’ Empire is suspenseful as ever, musical drama seekin’ redemption

Empire satiated with drama, even if some of it doesn’t make sense.

Empire has its moments, but…

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHICAGO — After getting off to a lethargic start in season 4, Empire rebounded rather nicely to give fans a glimpse of erraticism that’s headed our way (for better or worse) when the show resumes later this Spring. Even though it’s a breath of fresh air to witness Cookie Lyon’s elevation to corporate leadership, many of us are still less than enamored with amnesiac — Lucious Lyon — hopping around on a prosthetic leg. Hell, the baddest mofo on the planet should, at the very least, have complete access to all four limbs, right?

Nevertheless… Lee Daniels’ topsy-turvy conception is still satiated with turmoil and that’s good enough for now even if some of the drama appears relatively off the wall and, in many ways, duplicated. For instance, you can make a strong argument Claudia’s kidnapping of Lucious was stolen from storylines specific to Stephen King’s 1990 crime-thriller “Misery” and, most recently, Eliot Laurence’s mob television series “Claws” which premiered last summer.

Both scenarios involve a deranged white chick holding her male love interest hostage, in bed, inside an isolated cabin located seemingly in the middle of nowhere. That said, expect plenty of fireworks from the Lyon family in a few weeks. They’ll certainly need it.

Word on the street claims Empire is on life support and a strong showing this Spring would go a long way in propelling the show towards a 5th season. Can the show be saved?

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  1. Claudia has gone all Misery on Lucious.

  2. Brianna Henderson

    If Cookie dies I’m sooo done with empire

  3. Wow with this show, the Lyons have a crazy amount of bad luck especially for Lucious. One minute one of his own sons is trying to kill him the next minute his rehab doctor turns out to be a basket case who wants to brainwash him.

  4. I’m scared out of my mind. I swear if I had powers I would reach through the god damn TV and choke that crazy ass bitch out. Nobody threatens our cookie. That bitch must die😬😬😬😬😈

  5. If empire ever ends i dont have a life

  6. Sarah E Taylor

    I think what’s gonna happen in the season is that Claudia is going to die/jail, and later on after that Lucious and Cookie will live there a normal safe life again!

  7. I feel like Eddie set Lucious up…

  8. BadCool Quezada

    They better get that Claudia bitch… 😤😡


  10. OMG can’t wait til March 21st that’s when empire comes back mane this bitch want her some Dwight lol can’t wait to see how this plays out each season gets deeper and deeper with all these twist and turns to this show Lee Daniels was on point with this I love it

  11. queenna julienna

    The bitch better be ready because the lyons are coming for her AND WILL FUCKING KILL HER😲😠🔪💉 p.s sorry it just so emotionial for me😭😭😔

  12. oh shit…i just had a thought and i hope that im wrong on this but, this thought just jumped up in my mind that eddie might have had a hand in trying to get rid of lucious like he put claudia up to kidnapping him, and the reason for me thinking that is what went down on wednesdays episode when his ex wife came to him about them being wiped clean from their finances and he was talking about coming up with a idea to get them back on track within empire

  13. Damn, Claudia is so damn crazy. Also I know it’s a bit late to say, but I’m glad that Lucious has his memories back, although is it bad that I prefer the nicer side of Lucious more. Also sorry if it’s already been proven, but why do I get the feeling that Claudia might somehow be working for/with Diana 😕

  14. Dionta Williams

    I knew claudia was a tad bit crazy underneath that quiet, empathetic nurse facade but she has full on MISERY psychotic

  15. Empress Williams

    This Claudia bitch makes me soooo mad

  16. Shit turning into the movie Misery😭😂😂

  17. ashontae hepburn

    empire is like a continuation of that other movie with lucious and cookie hustle and flow

  18. Listen y’all i think the Lyons are cool and I love the show but I’ve seen all seasons and here’s my opinion: behind their music company the Lyons are criminals and the DuBois’ are dirty. Like Hakeem said they’ve done terrible things, whenever enemies caused the Lyons trouble and when they get shit that’s coming to them, they’re response is blood and murder. So when it’s between the DuBois’ is gonna be a grudge match. I’m not on either side but all I know is that when this show ends, I want it to end with a bang!

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