Monthly Archives: January 2018

Obamas doing it big on Chicago’s south side

Mrs. Obama reveals Presidential Center. Mass Appeal Wire Reports CHICAGO — Former first lady Michelle Obama disclosed plans for the Obama Presidential Center and, as you’d expect, the state-of-the-art amenity is nothing short of spectacular. The educational venue will feature a vegetable garden and a sledding hill. The 53-year-old attorney shared a series of diagrams via Instagram which includes a photograph of ...

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Golden Globes: Oprah Winfrey reportedly contemplating run for presidency in 2020

Oprah entertains presidential run? Mass Appeal Wire Reports BEVERLY HILLS — Oprah Winfrey has accomplished plenty. The 63-year-old media proprietor has concocted her own television network, she’s provided ample employment opportunities for the likes of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, and she’s earned boatloads of cash. Now, word on the street claims Oprah is contemplating a run for presidency in ...

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