Obamas doing it big on Chicago’s south side

Michelle Obama reveals plans for Chicago youth venue.

Mrs. Obama reveals Presidential Center.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHICAGO — Former first lady Michelle Obama disclosed plans for the Obama Presidential Center and, as you’d expect, the state-of-the-art amenity is nothing short of spectacular. The educational venue will feature a vegetable garden and a sledding hill. The 53-year-old attorney shared a series of diagrams via Instagram which includes a photograph of husband Barack Obama observing a diorama of the impending youth center which is located in Chicago’s south side.

“From the very beginning, [Barack Obama] and I knew the Obama Presidential Center had to be on the South Side. It’s where we met and where our girls were born. It’s home,” Michelle wrote on Instagram, explaining why she and her husband chose an economically-challenged campus location.

“We’ve been designing the Center as a place that inspires young people and gives them the tools they need to find their voices, then go out and change the world. It will be a place to learn, connect, and have some fun.”

Do you agree with the location?

Will the presidential center become a success?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Uzziah Hutchinson

    I can’t wait to see what’s to come of this! I’m behind you president Obama! Love you guys

  2. shyshotcaller27

    Well at least somebody is doing something in Chicago for the community. 🤷🏾‍♂️💨💨💨

  3. rolloverriderpgr

    That halfbreed probably had all his work hidden like the bottom feeder hid his birth certificate and whole life except for the made up parts of his pathatic fake life!
    Obozo, give up slick, as your life isn’t worth even having an outhouse built to hold all your so called accomplishments which would still for a 2 seater be empty except for the stench!

  4. Translation: Center for dumb ass black kids who cant read

  5. Charles Hobbins

    Crap! He’s building himself a Hefner party house! He’s so dopey & loves dope & charging AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!!! 💩🤬

  6. For all most of chicago thinks obama was raised in chicago . The local media states chicago is obamas home town . It is so thick with liberal socialist bs . That murders happen every day . Barack O Bama is arabic. The language is aramaric. The full English translation of Barack O Bama is I SAW SATAN FALLING LIKE LIGHTNING FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE.
    Confirm by his own kenyan grandmother when she stated bama means from the heavens above in English. Make no mistake obama is the 3rd antichrist. He may not be president. But his minions like lat3night former host David Letterman giving him a platform on Netflix. Obama said this usa is a democracy. This is a constitutional republic and not a democracy. The major difference between the two . A constitutional republic protects individual liberty and the God given rights . While a democracy does not . When you hear someone say we are a democracy set their arshes straight .

  7. This has to be an SNL skit… Right!!!????
    These 2 need to STEP OFF!

  8. Ragnar Onsager

    ITs the mark of the beast!!!!! DO NOT ALLOW THAT TO BE BUILT!!!

  9. Are tax payers expected to pay for this shit?

  10. Shinya Makishima

    Get your spray cans ready. Graffiti artists will be lining up to trash that shithole.

  11. This just shows how ignorant he is. He is such a narcissist. Who does he think he’s fooling? Everything he does is a joke.

  12. Tell him to build it in his native homeland of Kenya.

  13. I miss having a competent president.

  14. I love you Obama!

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