Blog King Report: ‘Murder, Drugs, Thugs’ headline a felonious 36-hour period

Drugs and murder equate to another bloody weekend.

Drugs & murder ravage weekend.

Blog King’s Crime Brief

KANSAS CITY — Blog King Crime Report (April 15, 2018): “All rise.. the honorable Blog King is presiding. Sadly, we experienced a plethora of criminal activity recently so we ask that you remain mute as he dissertates the aforementioned villainy. Failure to do so could result in a lengthy detainment behind bars. Any questions? (Crickets). Good. You may be seated.” What’s happening my subscribers-in-crime? It’s your judicious Blog King here with another felonious report. There’s certainly no paucity specific to gory content.

So we better get started.

Straight Outta KC: An emergency call for medical succor has morphed into another homicide investigation for the Kansas City Police Department. According to reports, paramedics were summoned to the vicinity of 69th and Paseo on Saturday (April 14, 2018). When they arrived, they discovered 24-year-old Kindrea Brown had been shot as she was asleep in her bed. Someone apparently fired multiple shots into the home. Police were immediately called to the scene. However, Kindrea was pronounced dead shortly after. If you have any information, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

Please, let’s do our part to help eradicate crime.

Blog King is fed up with senseless violence.

More KC murder: Kansas City police are also investigating a double shooting that claimed the life of one victim and left another critically injured. The bloodfest transpired on Saturday (April 14, 2018) in the vicinity of 56th and South Benton. One victim was found inside a vehicle, the other was discovered on the outside. Both were transported to an area hospital for treatment. But, one didn’t make it. Again, if you have info, call the cops pronto.

One last macabre: Remember when Mexico’s beautiful Cancun was considered the most romantic tourist locale in the world? That’s certainly not the case anymore. Instead, Cancun has become Chicago overnight. On the real son, you better don a bulletproof vest before having sex on the beach, feel me? Anyway, violence has rocked Mexico’s most popular destination — leaving 14 dead and another 5 injured within a bloody 36-hour span. Police believe the massacre is tied to ruthless mob queen Leticia Rodriguez Lara (aka Doña Lety). She’s a drug-dealing, female Tony Montana (Scarface) who’s currently standing trial on multiple charges.

In other words… stay away from Cancun.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Screw it stay in America

  2. Cindy WH-Witter

    I went to Cancun once in 1990. Hated it. You couldn’t walk down the street to shop without someone putting their hands on you pulling on you to come into their shops, we got walked up on in the damn water to buy some silver crap! We were warned by our travel guide to pay for everything either by credit card or the exact amount of the item or you wouldn’t get the correct rate of exchange, you’ll get charged double or more, and they’ll make change in pesos that even their country won’t change into American currency because they’re worthless. One person in our party made the mistake of paying a $20 bar tab with a $50 American Express travelers cheque and got the equivalent, maybe, of $30 change in pesos. He demanded US currency and was forced to wait an hour and a half for it. “We can’t make US change yet, don’t have enough” bull crap. They finally figured out he wasn’t leaving without it and magically came up with three $10 dollar bills. I’ve never been back there and will never go back.

  3. Bert Hates Ernie

    I would rather get shot in Cancun than Kansas City

  4. Build that wall already!

  5. Not surprised by all the murders in Kansas City… there is nothing else to do there

  6. Sad. I remember when Cancun was being developed in the 1980s. So beautiful and safe. Not anymore🤢

  7. People of color are naturally violent

    It is in their blood

  8. Democratic Abraham Lincoln

    Cancun is safer than USA

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