Will Smith claims he’s no longer married during appearance on TIDAL rap radar

Will Smith opens up about marriage to Jada and life.

Will Smith Uncut, Rapper opens up.

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LOS ANGELES — Veteran thespian Will Smith is approaching 50 and, at this juncture in life, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think. Once reticent, the 49-year-old rapper shocked many when he claimed he’s no longer married to Jada Pinkett Smith during a special holiday appearance on TIDAL’s Rap Radar podcast. “We don’t even say we’re married anymore,” Smith said. “We refer to ourselves as life partners.” The hip hop icon also addressed his new rap album which contains the emblematic track “The Mountaintop.”

If you recall, Smith used to eschew the public use of profanity. Those days are apparently over. “I’m granting myself the freedom to not give a f*ck when I don’t give a f*ck,” he said. Before he died, basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain claimed he had sex with 20,000 women.

After listening to the podcast, sounds like Smith got him beat. “I’ve been to the top of money. I’ve had all the sex that I’ve ever wanted,” Smith explained. “I’ve been to the top of all those material world mountains and nothing makes you happy other than being useful to others.”

When asked to expound upon his squeaky clean effigy in Hollywood, Smith made it clear he’s being ostentatious. “I’ve maintained the character of Will Smith… [who] signs every autograph, is always happy,” he said. “I do want to slap somebody every once in a while.”

Smith also admitted it ticked him off when critics labeled his music soft. “It was always difficult [to hear] people say I was soft and my music was cotton candy,” he lamented. “I always wanted to fight to prove myself.” After a 13-year musical hiatus, Smith’s new album is coming soon.

Do you appreciate his new ‘no nonsense’ image?

Or, should he stay wholesome?

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  1. well I’ll be Damned, this is some Houdini type shit, they have been lying all along, this is why you don’t look at other people’s relationship ask couples goals, I can never look at them the same😑

  2. Rampo'o Rampo'o

    They r screwd up

  3. I use to Love Will Smith but has gone weird, he looking really off theses days , he definitely on some down low. Not a real representative of a stable strong black family. Some Hollywood weird stuff for sure within there beliefs

  4. This shit is confusing! Either they have one of the weirdest relationships or their are alot of people making up lies or untruths about them. Either way something don’t taste right with the koolaid!

  5. Strange shit.

  6. The black Public Royal married Hollywood couples I think are LL kool J, Denzel & Paulette, The Obamas, Viola Davis & her hubby, Angela Basset & , Vanessa Bell Calloway , just to name a few, but I have never looked at them as a ex of a great black married couple, so what if they are divorce, Hell it won’t affect their kids, because they do & have done whatever the hell they wanted to All along with no rules ! If if it wks for them, than that’s what counts. Hell, I just started really looking at Jada as being relevant when girls trip came out. Now I enjoy the red table talks.

  7. They need Jesus. I never liked the way Jads thinks

  8. There are alot of people living as life partners with the delusion that they are husband and wife.
    #50/50 relationships 🤔

  9. lol here’s the stupidity with this topic….marriage is SUPPOSED to be the SAME THING as having a LIFE PARTNER (a.k.a. husband or wife). Now all of a sudden folks want to separate the two? That’s why the divorce rate is so high rolls eyes lmao.

  10. this is some hollyweird shit

  11. “‘Life Partners” was a term first used by gay couples, because obviously gay couples weren’t allowed to be married back in the day. It has now become a “Hollywood” term used by straight couples who don’t want to be bound to the marriage license. How is that “hollyweird”? They are allegedly divorced but are still raising their kids thats their partnership. Regular people do that shit.{ie Step parents) Average couples cheat on their spouses and sometimes have kids outside of the marriage everyday, its not just hollywood. Jeez Louise

  12. The rumor before this was they had an open marriage. I feel like whatever works, you like it – I love it. They’ve been ridiculously successful with ups and downs. Jada rides hard for Will and that’s loyalty. I haven’t seen Will out with other women but if that’s their life partnership, I see no lies. Lastly, divorce is public record so…

  13. they’re married they just don’t want to be called as one. umm okay.

  14. Porkchop Jones

    will & jada are crazy as hell… illuminati got in their heads

  15. They make a fine couple. I’d hate to see them part ways. I hope the rumors get put to rest!

  16. Pizza Hut Addict

    bullshit…….. they are still married

  17. Kahleia E'Loria

    Ummmm so i can shoot my shot? Man… Will Smith Jamie Foxx and Mark Wahlberg can get the draws! Anytime!😍😂😂💍

  18. i think they love each other. jada looks a little different her cheeks are different. is that the women will fell in love with….. when you change you. now what i dont know. she was cuter without them.

  19. will & jada are two crazy mofos

  20. Tykia Patterson

    Insane!! Jada is a weirdo and so are her kids smfh!

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