1. America’s FIRST BLACK MISS AMERICA!!!!!! I’m soooooo glad that she showed all the haters!

  2. This is such a great song to have playing when getting a lap dance.

  3. yolanda jordan

    Still loving this💞💞

  4. Ugh. This song is so damn good. That flute! 🎵🎵🎵

  5. SUPER SEXY😆😆😆👙👙👙

  6. she was so HOT in this! She sizzled!

  7. Daniel Graydon

    Fell in love the minute I heard this song. The music has that up tempo; yet, it’s so smooth.

  8. DumbassWhiteBoy

    this song make me wanna lick her pussy

  9. Ruthless Lover

    that high yellow bitch can be my 4th baby mama

  10. Vanessa Williams’ The Comfort Zone has been playin’ in my head all evening. I just had to come and check on it. This used to be my jam when I was little. She’s stunning.

  11. Tei Aundra Minter

    Beautiful black women.

  12. Miss America! Gorgeous without effort…

  13. I still have the cassette from 1991, with the same songs on it! (Wing/PolyGram #843522) I played it to no end. I loved me some Vanessa Williams, and I still do!

  14. Souljaboy's Gucci Headband

    Sexual chocolate 😍👅💦💧🍫🍩

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