Crazy girlfriend arrested and jailed after squeezin’ boyfriend’s balls ’til they bled

Katie Pitchford jailed for squeezing boyfriend’s nuts.

Crazy girlfriend squeezes balls.

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INDIAN HARBOUR — Here’s a BALL-sy, nutcracker tale that gives new meaning to the term “blue balls.” Katie Lee Pitchford was thrown behind bars last week for squeezing her boyfriend’s cojones so hard, they actually bled. The sanguinary ordeal went down June 4th at Indian Harbour Beach on Florida’s Space Coast. According to police reports, Katie and her live-in boyfriend experienced a falling-out over date night. Moments later, the 21-year-old damsel hit the poor fella multiple times in the countenance with a hairbrush.

As blood streaked down the victim’s cheek, Katie continued to “strike him with her fists” before she ultimately “grabbed him by his balls and squeezed them until they were bleeding.” The boyfriend was somehow able to hobble over to the phone and call police. Katie, who’s already on probation for assaulting a police officer in 2017, was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

Moral of the story?

Protect your gonads at all costs and never let a splenetic chick near your nuts.

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    American “women” are becoming savage WHORES !

  2. The pretty ones are always the craziest

  3. lol wonder what he did.

  4. She looks like a ball breaker lmho

  5. Sexy and crazy, but send dat bitch to prison idc

  6. she must have watched how men treated her Mother, MAYBE, and she is not going to let history repeat on her, being jerked around by men.

  7. Attractive but crazy!! Pick wisely😂

  8. I will squeeze you’re 🥜 for free

  9. If you are going to date a woman like that you had better learn to sleep with one eye open. Does anyone remember Lorena Bobbitt? Could be another one here.

  10. Why the hell didn’t he punch the whore?

  11. He did the right thing.
    Guys, no two-bit thot is worth getting arrested for. Let them kick your ass, call the police and let them get the skank out of your life.

  12. This Chick has balls.🎱🎱..ohhh wait!!!🤯🤯

  13. Katie needs to be a mortal kombat character with a finisher like that.

  14. That guy is lucky he’s still alive

  15. This story is nutz

  16. The Ghost of Judah Tribe

    I don’t know why, but this shit was hilarious. She should go to jail though. Poor guy.

  17. What do you expect? It’s Florida. Them bitches are crazy.

  18. B-263-54 Bee Boobs

    I wonder if a guy gives a punch in the ovaries to a woman (making her bleed, of course) if would get the same

  19. Damn she can squeeze mine anyday !nice

  20. I would pay good money to have a sexy babe squeeze my nuts

  21. Ruthless Lover

    she can squeeze my nuts az long az she licks my balls

  22. wifey material

  23. my balls hurt just reading this article

  24. Protect the Nuggets

    just goes to show u cant trust everybody around your nuts

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