1. I fuckin miss uncut

  2. this the shit

  3. where does blog king find this shit???? Lol

  4. Natalac is the Best!

  5. So nice and nasty…… love it daddy….

  6. The Guerrilla King


    That’s what’s up!!!

  7. Shit fye 😁💭YOU CANT FUCK WITH ME.

  8. Making cereal in my kitchen…Yaaa, you can’t fuck wit me.

  9. Jessica Traynham

    He kind of reminds me of Ice Cube and Ice T

  10. O naw 😭

  11. Stupid

  12. I see you Dawg…do your thing!

  13. Is it wrong I watch your videos instead of porn?

  14. Wtf

  15. real OG shit

  16. 🧨🔪🛠 I can’t believe this type of shit on MassAppeal🔫💣⚰️

  17. Regular dudes with 9-5 jobs living with mom acting like they’re pimps after listening to this

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