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Trump backers assault Jussie?

Trump supporters attacked Smollett? Blog King, Mass Appeal CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials in Chicago are searching for a pair of masked Donald Trump supporters who allegedly attacked Empire star Jussie Smollett early Tuesday morning. Jussie plays Jamal, the homosexual son of murderous patriarch Lucious Lyon. Jussie, 35, told police the bandits yelled out a plethora of “racial and homophobic ...

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Jihadist group ISIS claims responsibility for series of vile, deadly Paris attacks

ISIS claiming responsibility for Paris attacks. Mass Appeal Wire Reports PARIS — Something must be done about ISIS pronto. Because they’re becoming more and more powerful. On Friday, the loathsome jihadist group claimed responsibility for the worst violence witnessed in France since World War II. French president Francois Hollande labeled the volley of nearly synchronous terror attacks “an act of ...

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