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Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant & Vanessa welcome their fourth daughter

Kobe welcomes fourth daughter.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Lakers great Kobe Bryant may be retired on the basketball court, but he’s still working overtime in the bedroom. That’s because his wife Vanessa gave birth to daughter No. 4 on Thursday and the little crumb snatcher inherited her daddy’s moniker. “So thankful for our newest baby blessing,” Vanessa, ...

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Angry dad murders 5-year-old daughter because she wouldn’t do her homework

Dad kills daughter over homework. Blog King, Mass Appeal ALBUQUERQUE — Brandon Reynolds, 36, is busy putrefying behind bars after the murderous imbecile killed his autistic 5-year-old daughter because… she didn’t finish her homework. The filicide transpired Thursday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to police reports, Brandon became incensed when his daughter refused to complete her assignments. He then grabbed ...

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Ice-T & Coco welcome baby girl Chanel who has Twitter account

Ice-T and Coco welcome newborn daughter Chanel. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Rap veteran Ice-T, 57, and wife Nicole “Coco” Austin, 36, are proud parents of a bouncy baby girl. The couple made the surprise announcement Saturday (Nov. 28) on Twitter. Her name is Chanel Nicole. Still no word on if she’ll receive a beverage moniker like her ...

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