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“Claws” season 3 looks appetizing

Claws season 3 looming ahead. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW ORLEANS — French manicure anyone? How about a pedicure? That’s right baby! White boy Roller and the “Nail Artisans of Manatee County” are back! Turner Broadcasting officials released a sneak peek promo for season three of “Claws” which is scheduled to premiere June 9th. The teaser doesn’t divulge much. But ...

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Claws already ‘renewed’ for season three, proving that crime and cosmetology mix

Claws has become Russian dominated. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW ORLEANS — Last week, yours truly was a little censorious of the overall direction of “Claws” and its somewhat redundant Russian storyline. But… the show’s creator, Eliot Laurence, must’ve heard me. That’s because Sunday night’s episode was nothing short of stupendous, despite Laurence’s newfound fetish of incorporating music into significant ...

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