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President Donald Trump celebrated his impeachment “acquittal” with a video

Trump celebrates Senate acquittal.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — They tried to run him out the White House and it didn’t work. Thanks to Wednesday’s Senate vote, President Donald Trump won’t be impeached. Instead, he’s been acquitted on both articles specific to power exploitation and obstruction of Congress; bringing a cessation to the third presidential trial in American history. ...

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Trump makes first visit to Kansas City as president, veterans came away impressed

Trump dazzles KC, veterans love him. Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY — There were no protesters this time. No interruptions. No riot police. Only hugs and handshakes as President Donald Trump made his first official visit to the American Heartland since becoming Commander-in-Chief. If you recall, Trump had several Kansas Citians ousted and/or arrested during his campaign rally in ...

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Sarah Palin supports Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from America

Sarah Palin supports Donald Trump’s proposal. Mass Appeal Wire Reports WASHINGTON — If elected, republican presidential candidate Donald Trump plans to ban Muslims from entering the United States and Sarah Palin agrees with him. On Wednesday, the former Alaska Governor posted her two cents on Facebook in support of Trump who’s taking a savage beating from critics. “Herd mentality running ...

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