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Former Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade prohibits family from celebrating Santa

Dwyane Wade ‘disses’ Santa. Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — “Joy to the world…” Former Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade loves to celebrate Christmas. But he won’t permit his children to believe in Santa Claus because… he doesn’t want an elderly Caucasian garnering credit. Gabrielle Union, D-Wade’s wife, spilled the beans during an interview with Oprah’s “O” Magazine. “I’ll say ...

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Ferrell shows off ‘thug thizzle’ in new film

Daddy’s Home 2 this Thanksgiving. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Parental rivals Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are back for more schism in the hit holiday comedy “Daddy’s Home 2.” The official trailer is out and you can expect even more cackling this winter. In the inaugural film (released in 2015), Brad (Ferrell) was the consummate stepfather to ...

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s artistic dream slaughtered and society murdered it

Dr. King’s reverie dead and buried. Blog King, Mass Appeal SELMA — Okay, who are we fooling? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “dream” is dead, deceased and extirpated. There’s really no point in sugarcoating the obvious. Dr. King’s sweet reverie in 1963 – which encompasses racial harmony, economic ascension and educational prosperity – has been, by all accounts, ‘deep-sixed’ as we ...

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