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Trump thanks Kanye for black support after infamous ‘slavery was a choice’ rant

Mr. Trump thanks Kanye in speech. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Damn. What’s up with our boy Kanye West? First, the 40-year-old rapper had the audacity to proclaim “slavery was a choice.” Then he insinuated black-on-black crime is generally accepted by society. Then he claimed Donald Trump is a staunch advocate of black opulence. Now the president is reaping ...

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Reality TV star Rob Kardashian, stripper extraordinaire Blac Chyna callin’ it quits

Rob and Chyna terminate union. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Damn, that was quick. Reality TV star Rob Kardashian and renowned stripper Blac Chyna are calling it quits despite having a newborn child together. That’s right. The former fiancés are no longer an item. We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, the words Kardashian and infinite are hardly synonymous. ...

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Kim Kardashian holdin’ things down as husband Kanye West gets treatment

Kanye West has demons to fight. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Prior to his mother’s controversial death, rap icon Kanye West made a name for himself as a socially conscious entertainer blessed with infinite potential. Remember Jesus Walks? However, when Donda West passed away in November 2007, Kanye’s musical interests changed, he got cynical in his lyrics, and ...

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