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McDonald’s Stabbing: woman ‘stabbed’ in cranium for taking spot in drive-thru line

Lady diced over drive-thru spot. Blog King, Mass Appeal MEMPHIS — McNuggets anyone? Asalene Branch, 29, is putrefying behind bars after the blade-wielding damsel stabbed Jasmine Burress in the head for stealing her spot in McDonald’s drive-thru line. The sanguinary ordeal went down at the urban hamburger venue located at 905 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. A viral cell phone ...

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Crossroads Prison video shows homicidal infliction between pair of rival inmates

Viral video shows prison homicide. Blog King, Mass Appeal CAMERON, Mo. — In a ghastly development, solicitous inmates at Missouri’s Crossroads Correctional Facility have conveyed dozens of missives to local media and family members limning countless episodes of violence and murder within prison walls. To compound matters, a video has gone viral that shows a homicidal bout of fisticuffs between ...

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Jilted lover puts a ‘machete’ to boyfriend’s throat, forcing him to have sex or die

Deranged damsel forces intercourse. Blog King, Mass Appeal GREAT FALLS — Every now and then you stumble across a story that makes you say “Dayuuuummm!” Law enforcement officials have arrested 19-year-old Samantha Ray Mears for, get this: she forced her ex-boyfriend to have sex by putting a knife to his throat. She’s now being charged with aggravated burglary, assault with ...

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