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Sammy Watkins calls himself an “alien,” convinced God is Satan, Jesus is Lucifer

Sammy Watkins raising eyebrows.  Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY — Sammy Watkins, star receiver of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, was recently featured in a Bleacher Report column written by Tyler Dunne. Now many readers are convinced he’s batshit crazy. While popping off his metaphysics prattle, Sammy said “all the things we think are good…aren’t good [and] all ...

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Suicidal mother suffocates infant child, murders herself after Facebook rant

Suicidal mother suffocates child. Mass Appeal Wire Reports GLEN ROCK, Pa. — The pathetic state of American parenting continues. Law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania believe Sheri Shermeyer posted a suicide note on Facebook to tell her husband he doesn’t “deserve to have a son” before suffocating her 1-year-old child and shooting herself dead. Shermeyer, 40, and her son were found inside ...

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