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Little Women of Atlanta exchange blows, ‘donnybrook’ caught on Lifetime cameras

Little Women ATL exchange blows.  Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — The “Little Women of Atlanta” must’ve descried the Tyson Fury fight last weekend because they delivered a crackerjack impersonation in front of Lifetime television cameras. All hell broke loose during a recent filming session at Atlanta’s Nouveau Bar & Grill. That’s where nanoscopic cast member Ms. Juicy was busy ...

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Little Women: Atlanta star Minnie Ross receives DUI after failing sobriety tests

Little Women star ‘busted’ for a DUI.  Blog King, Mass Appeal CHATTANOOGA — Reality TV star Ashley “Minnie” Ross of Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta” was thrown in the slammer on Thursday after police found her in a drunken state of quiescence inside her SUV. The DUI bust went down around 3 a.m. in Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to Hamilton County officials, ...

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‘Little Women: Atlanta’ renewed for Season No. 2 despite pregnancies

Little Women ATL gets 2nd season. Mass Appeal Wire Reports ATLANTA — At least three members of the clique are knocked up, but that won’t stop the renewal of “Little Women: Atlanta.” Lifetime officials announced the return of the diminutive damsels for season two. What we’ve learned so far is that Ashley “Minnie” Ross is allegedly pregnant by rapper Pastor ...

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