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Freeda Foreman, kid of George Foreman, committed ‘suicide’ in Houston, Texas

George Foreman’s daughter is dead. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOUSTON — Former boxing champion George Foreman woke up Friday morning with ten beautiful children. Now it’s down to nine. That’s because a family member discovered the cadaver of ex-middleweight boxer Freeda Foreman on Saturday inside her home in Houston, Texas. Investigators confirmed she committed suicide via asphyxia by hanging. She ...

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Muhammad Ali’s greatest fight happened outside the ring against Parkinson’s

Ali’s best fight outside the ring. Mass Appeal Wire Reports PHOENIX — Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali was widely considered “the greatest” fighter in boxing history. But his longstanding battle outside the ring was without question more awe-inspiring. After a 32-year fight with Parkinson’s disease, the three-time Heavyweight champ suffered a heavenly TKO on Friday (June 3). He died at the ...

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