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Graphic Video: Felon sucker-punched his attorney in front of the judge and jurors

Convicted felon punches lawyer.  Blog King, Mass Appeal PHOENIX — Lamont Payne, a convicted felon, received an extended prison sentence after he sucker-punched his legal practitioner in court. The smite transpired in front of the judge and jurors in Phoenix, Arizona. It was also captured on video. According to court docs, Attorney Vladimir Gagic — a public defender — was ...

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Male nurse is arrested and jailed after impregnating debilitated female patient

Male nurse rapes comatose woman. Blog King, Mass Appeal PHOENIX — In a vituperative development, Nathan Sutherland — a 36-year-old male nurse — is putrefying behind bars after the caitiff bastard impregnated an incapacitated patient at the Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Nate, who’s Haitian, was arrested and thrown into the Maricopa County jail on Wednesday. According to reports, Nate ...

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Muhammad Ali’s greatest fight happened outside the ring against Parkinson’s

Ali’s best fight outside the ring. Mass Appeal Wire Reports PHOENIX — Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali was widely considered “the greatest” fighter in boxing history. But his longstanding battle outside the ring was without question more awe-inspiring. After a 32-year fight with Parkinson’s disease, the three-time Heavyweight champ suffered a heavenly TKO on Friday (June 3). He died at the ...

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