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Drop the Mic: T-Pain vs Lonzo

T-Pain and Lonzo took the gloves off.  Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — Autotune specialist T-Pain and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball went blow for blow the other night on Turner Network’s Drop The Mic — a TNT talent competition hosted by Method Man and Hailey Bieber. Lonzo began the conveyance of disparages by trashing T-Pain’s appearance — saying ...

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Eminem and Kim experienced ups & downs with Hailie stuck in the middle

Eminem and Kim’s wild relationship. Mass Appeal Wire Reports DETROIT — From working as a dishwasher in the slummy outskirts of Detroit to his improbable rise as a world renowned rap artist, Eminem has provided plenty of watercooler talk in a controversial career that spans across two decades. And if you’re enamored with his music, you’re certainly au fait of ...

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