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Sex Games LA: Amber Rose likes it dirty

Amber Rose likes dirty, filthy sex. Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Amber Rose prefers x-rated sex… and she don’t give a damn what you think. While keepin’ it 100 on her raunchy VH1 talk show, the big derrière supermodel fired back at her critics. Amber, if you recall, took a savage beating on social media 2 weeks ago ...

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Transgender superstar Caitlyn Jenner learns to fake orgasms in sex class

Caitlyn Jenner faking orgasms? Mass Appeal Wire Reports LOS ANGELES — Transgender superstar Caitlyn Jenner is already finding out what it takes to be a woman and that includes faking orgasms. In an upcoming episode of “I Am Cait,” the Olympic gold medalist provided an insider’s view of a gender-free orgasm class she took with her posse of bubbly transvestites. The class ...

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