Terri J. Vaughn joins Mass Appeal Radio to confabulate on the film “Life, Love, Soul”

Terri J. Vaughn talks theater on Mass Appeal Radio

Terri J. Vaughn talks new film.

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NEW YORK – Acclaimed actress Terri J. Vaughn of “The Steve Harvey Show” and “Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls” joined Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and KGGN 890’s Reggie Brown on the radio airwaves on Aug. 15th to discuss urban theater (hear the Q&A through the media player below). Terri, who stars on “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns,” also spent a few minutes addressing sensitive issues tied to poverty, teen pregnancy and community awareness. In her latest project, Terri stars as Tiffany in Noel Calloway’s inspirational new film “Life, Love, Soul” – a movie that tells the gripping story of seventeen-year-old honor student Roosevelt Jackson’s struggle to regain control of his life after a devastating loss.

The movie will be released Aug. 27th on DVD. In the film, Terri plays the outspoken mother of Jackson’s high school girlfriend and she doesn’t bite her tongue. Listen to the podcast below.


  1. Big fan of TV. Continue to do great things my sistah and God Bless.

  2. followed Terri since Steve Harvey…. good to see she is still doing powerful positive things in the community….

  3. Just saw trailer for Life Love Soul and it looks really good. Looking forward to the DVD.

    See the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYkeSatgG28&feature=c4-overview&list=UUA_Rr5D4r0jgf2hLozJGfRg

  4. Someone had the nerve to hire Tami Roman to play a mother???? SMH

  5. Terri continue helping young ladies that come from the same environment. You are a person who didn’t forget where you came from. GOD PLEASE CONTINUE TO BLESS HER THROUGH HER LIFE JOURNEY,

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