Too Short joins Mass Appeal Radio to talk “Boss Status: How to Make Millions…”

Too Short joins Mass Appeal Radio

Too Short talks industry myths.

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OAKLAND — Recently, Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio phenom Reggie Brown welcomed veteran rap artist Too Short on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890AM to discuss Marvin Watkins’ new DVD titled “Boss Status: How to Make Millions in the Music Business” – a 2-hour, in-depth tutorial that illuminates intricate ,aspects of the music business (listen to the Q&A through the media player below). The documentary features Too Short, Snoop Lion, Ice Cube, Timbaland, Fat Joe and several others.

Watkins’ film is narrated by West Coast rap star Mack 10. “I began my career in the music industry,” said co-producer and co-director Watkins. “One of the first things I learned was that this is a business, and if you want to be successful, you need to understand every aspect of it.”

“I saw a lot of artists get caught up because they were not prepared, which alerted me to the need for a professional course,” Watkins added. “My peers in the business were more than happy to share their insights and advice. As Ice Cube says on the DVD, ‘the worse thing in the world is to be large and everybody’s getting paid on you, but you.'”

To find out more about “Boss Status: How to Make Millions in the Music Business”, to learn more about the hip hop artists who are participating, and to purchase the new DVD, simply CLICK HERE.


  1. Can someone help me remember what Too Short’s favorite word is??

  2. Too Short be on the up and up…. always did put positive messages in his rap

  3. Too $hort aka the Oakland player!

  4. Too short rules !

  5. Life is, Too Short…

  6. Isnt this the man that coined the term “Biotch????” Nice role model for children.

  7. I am surprised feminist groups havent protested him. Dude has NO respect for the ladies.

  8. $hort dawg in the house

  9. Travis Singleton

    Pleaze stop letting your children look to entertainers to be their role models…..Too Short is no different than the actors and actresses who play sexy, seductive roles, drug lords, prostitutes, etc….
    Too Short is simply for entertainment…his real name is Todd Shaw. I never hear fans bash Halle or Denzel for playing riskee roles….but rap artist seem not to get the same pass.
    Parents are the roles models….not entertainers. …got it twisted….

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