‘Love & Hip Hop N.Y.’ star Rah Ali discusses reality TV & fashion on Mass Appeal Radio


Rah Ali of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ joins Mass Appeal Radio.

Rah Ali discusses Love and Hip Hop. 

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NEW YORK – On Wednesday (Nov. 6), Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio veteran Reggie Brown welcomed back that dazzling redhead Rah Ali of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop N.Y.” on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss the new season and all things fashion. You can hear the broadcast in its entirety through the media player below. A couple weeks ago, Rah Ali and co-star Erica Mena hosted their ‘Puss In Boots’ extravaganza at Amaze in New York City.

As part of the festivities, Erica showcased her new publication, “Chronicles Of A Confirmed Bachelorette” and Rah Ali previewed her fall selections for fashionable boots including brand new styles from her own shoe line. Again, you can hear about the event through the media player above.

“Love & Hip Hop N.Y.” airs every Monday night on VH1.


  1. this whole **** fake the more ppl watch the more money and look who ur cast r groupie hoes and cornball so really what is this **** about giving hoes money and we stupid for giving it rateings!!

  2. Love it or hate it…. Love & Hip Hop is funny and the ratings are up.

  3. These Hoodrats on LAHH are the hoodrats that hoodrats aspire to be.

  4. i love Rah Ali and her shoe line is bangin

  5. Can we please have a show where women of color are classy and not the side pc. or the mistress…where the men of color respect and love His woman. These beautiful women allow these men of status and money to treat them like trash in hopes to gain status and money of their own. It’s amazing that this is reality tv and not scripted (at least that’s what VH1 says).

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