Rapper Mack 10 joins Mass Appeal Radio to talk “Boss Status: How to Make Millions…”

Mack 10 joins Mass Appeal Radio to discuss “Boss Status”

Rapper Mack 10 talks music, film.

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LOS ANGELES – Yessir. On Veterans Day (Nov. 11), Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio phenom Reggie Brown welcomed rap veteran Mack 10 on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss Marvin Watkins’ new DVD “Boss Status: How to Make Millions in the Music Business.” You can listen to the broadcast in its entirety through the media player below. Along with fellow rap stars Ice Cube and WC, Mack 10 is an acclaimed member of the rap trio called the Westside Connection. He made his first appearance on Ice Cube’s “Bootlegs & B-Sides” compilation on the track “What Can I Do? (Remix.)”

Mack 10’s debut, gold selling album “Mack 10” was released in 1995 on the Priority label. His next two releases “Based on a True Story” (1997) and “The Recipe” (1998) also reached gold certification and peaked at #14 and #15 on the Billboard 200, respectively.

For more on “Boss Status: How to Make Millions in the Music Business”, CLICK HERE.


  1. Mack 10 lost a lot of weight. Good for him.

  2. Mack 10 still goin strong. Lookin forward to Boss Status!

  3. Im happy for him, Rick Ross should pay attention here, but, “he aint even see” it. MM-Kay

  4. Ingle-Wood! Love it! Keep up the good work.

  5. Wow, he looks so different in a good way…..sexy, he should put out a soung, and how does T-Boz feel…she must want him backkkkkk

  6. Looking Good Mack 10…Keep up the good work!

  7. mack 10 gave up big macs now he’s skinny

    his new nickname should be mack 5


    Now dats wus up

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