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A Haunted House 2

Marlon Wayans discusses movie.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Comic Marlon Wayans, 41, made a special tour stop in Kansas City on Friday (Mar. 14) to promote his hilarious sequel “A Haunted House 2” which is set for box office release on April 18. Marlon also hosted a prescreening at AMC Barrywoods 24 before taking questions from fans and media afterwards. Like the original film, Marlon’s character (Malcolm) is again plagued by a series of paranormal events as he, his white wife and stepson look to get settled into their eldritch home.

Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and Marlon sat down and discussed the film. They also talked about Marlon’s comedic influences, his fascination with raunchy humor and the origin behind the deep and talented Wayans family. Here’s what he had to say:

On getting parental support in comedy while growing up: My mom was the biggest hater. My mother was just like, ‘I just want you to get a job with some benefits… the comedians ain’t even got a union. You know what I’m saying? Your daddy ain’t got no benefits. We’re running from bill collectors.’ But my mom and dad were natural buddy comedy. My dad’s a Jehovah’s witness, my mom’s a Baptist. My father has his points of view on things and my mom disagrees with everything that he says. They just can’t see eye-to-eye. He’s annoying as hell. He annoys her. She cusses him out. Some of the funniest stuff you’ve ever heard. So we’re watching this (growing up) and that’s why we’re comedians. We were all loved. Our parents loved us to death.

On his decision to cast a white woman as his girlfriend: There’s so much interracial dating going on today… and I wanted to do a movie that represents everybody. My character Malcolm is married to a white woman and he’s thinking things are going to be different (because she’s white) but they’re not.

On his fascination with horror spoofs and raunchy comedy: I love making fun of things that people take too seriously. In scary movies, you have tension, you have horror. But laughing is a good release. To me, good comedy comes from good characters. I was raised on ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and ‘In Living Color.’ Yes, I’m 41-years-old. But I’ve never grown past the age of 5 and I’ll never grow past the age of 17. It’s in my heart, it’s in my spirit. I laugh at fart jokes with my kids. I’m not above that kind of silly humor. I’m a child at heart and, to this day, I just laugh at that type of stuff.

Again, Marlon’s sequel “A Haunted House 2” will be released in theaters on April 18th. Join “A Haunted House 2” on Facebook by CLICKING HERE. Marlon and his brother Shawn Wayans are scheduled to perform standup comedy at the Kansas City Improv on April 25th.

See the trailer below & share your paranormal thoughts:


  1. OMG I can’t wait, the first one was so bust a gut funny!

  2. The first one wasn’t funny. I can guarantee that this one won’t be either. He can’t recapture Scary Movie 1, or 2 which were both very funny, well until they sold it to whoever is doing them now. Just give it up.

  3. Demons…? Worse! The Kardashians, I cracked up and nearly fell off my seat at the last part of the trailer.

  4. Marlon Wayans is an underrated comedic genius!

  5. big marlon fan but this movie looks stupid

  6. saw this last night at the prescreening…. MW is a damn fool. lol

  7. i was at the screening too

    marlon is soooooo nasty but it was funny

  8. The movie was a little raunchy for me but I love what Marlon does and he’s so cute.

  9. luv marlon just wish he didnt say the n-word so much

  10. attended the screening last night and Marlon has gotten so handsome and he was so nice to us in V.I.P. after the show. luv that man.

  11. hahaha fuckn hilarious!!!

  12. So what I got from this is that it’s the same plot as the original but with different co stars and a bigger budget? Should be good!

  13. race jokes have never been funny and now they are just extremely over used 

  14. I laughed so hard when he said…….”call 911, tell them the dog is white! Tell them it’s white!!!”

  15. Totoy Imbalido

    a SHITTY sequel, FOR SURE!

  16. I’m not seeing this movie. I loved the conjuring and I’m not going to let this trash ruin it for me. The Wayans Brothers are trying to relive the glory days when they made “Scary Movie.”

  17. Anyone that spends money and contributes to the making of these films should be shot and not allowed to breed

  18. haters get a LIFE… this movie was made to make you laugh… nobody said it would win an Oscar. geez

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