Legendary High School Coach Ken Carter discusses movie on Mass Appeal Radio

Samuel L. Jackson with legendary coach Ken Carter

Coach Ken Carter joins Mass Appeal Radio to discuss academic success.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recently, Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio veteran Reggie Brown spoke with acclaimed educator Coach Ken Carter on the Reggie-N-Wayne Show on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss the 18th Annual Scholarship Affair presented by the Kansas City Boys & Girls Choirs (listen below). Coach Carter also shared a few thoughts on the inspirational 2005 film “Coach Carter” starring award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson. Coach Carter, if you recall, locked out his undefeated Richmond High School basketball team for not honoring their academic responsibilities.

Carter’s tough disciplinary methods drew a hostile community backlash. You can hear Coach Carter’s conversation with Reggie-N-Wayne through the media player below. For more information on the legendary Coach Carter, simply visit him at CoachCarter.com.


  1. Most amazing movie eveerrr<3 Coach whipped those boys in shape!!!(:

  2. Jeremaine Carter

    I dont care if its allot of work, i wish he was my coach if i played basketball i swear.

  3. i can watch this movie for 1000 times and not get bored

  4. Wish Coach Carter ran Kansas City schools. Things would be different.

  5. I lose it every time at “Leave us be, coach. We got shit to do, sir.”

  6. love the interview and love the movie

    if u havent seen coach carter rent it now

  7. I would take Coach Carter over the KC school board any day

  8. Coach Carter for President 2016!!!!

  9. Great interview guys! 🙂

  10. Coach Carter = Real American Hero

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