Reality TV star Jonica Blu of Oxygen’s reality TV show ‘Bad Girls Club’ joins Mass Appeal

Jonica Blu gave her two cents on Mass Appeal Radio

Reality TV star Jonica Blu of “Bad Girls Club” joins Mass Appeal Radio.

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LOS ANGELES — Recently, reality TV star and St. Louis native Jonica Blu of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” joined Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio veteran Reggie Brown on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss the most recent episode of season 12 and the impending finale. You can hear the broadcast in its entirety through the media player below. As an overwhelming fan favorite, Blu uses her psychology degree to keep her mind strong in a house full of adversarial women. “Bad Girls Club” can be seen on Oxygen every Tuesday night. For more information on the show, visit


  1. RebelleMichelle

    Brit is a lame, she targeted the new girl because she thought she was weak and she needed to prove to Lo and Blu that she isnt all talk yet, she was to afraid to fight Jada when the opportunity presented itself. Brit is irrelevant and a waste of space on this show, I would like to see her run her gums and beg for some body to fight her in real life where security doesn’t exist to break it up.

  2. KarenRocks2010

    Aysia has no right to be mad. Blu told her from the jump that she is a ho. Blu is scandalous though trying to fuck two women in the same house.

  3. Mane I don’t fuck with Slim no more. She so fucking dumb & desperate. Like she started acting all flip floppy out the blue for what? Like why try to be cool with somebody who dont even like u? Slim is confusing as hell. And she tried to make it seem like cuz of Jada she couldn’t hang out with the other girls which is complete bullshit. Slim could’ve been hanging with the other girls regardless of how they felt about Jada. I’m glad Britt is gone. I give Lo props for not fighting Dalila even tho she should’ve. And im still here for Jada cuz she can hold her own.

  4. To me all the girls (except Jada) are fake as hell. When Redd was there ALL the girls talked mess about Redd behind her back and NOBODY said anything to her face because they didn’t want it with her. I’m glad Brit is gone she went out like lame ass chick. Jada is cool to me she ain’t scared of none of them good or bad she holds her own!

  5. Luke Livermore

    Jonica is definitely not the fan favorite lmaoooo… Maybe like 4 episodes ago. But now Jada is by far the fan favorite. 

  6. blu and them grills in her mouth lol i love her tho she is so pretty !

  7. Im Team Blu all the way and she is the fan FAVORITE!!!!!

  8. Great interview guys!!!

    Big fan of Bad Girls & i luv Blu!

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