Brandi Maxiell of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” discusses drama on Mass Appeal Radio

Brandi Maxiell talks drama on Mass Appeal Radio

Brandi Maxiell of VH1’s “Basketball Wives L.A.” joins Mass Appeal Radio.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recently, reality TV star Brandi Maxiell of VH1’s “Basketball Wives L.A.” joined Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio veteran Reggie Brown on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss the upcoming season and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. You can hear the broadcast through the media player below. The wife of NBA veteran Jason Maxiell, Brandi won her bout with ovarian cancer in 2008 to become cancer free. She also battled fertility issues before giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in 2011.

Brandi also spoke about her participation in the “Break the Silence” Walk/Run on Sept. 21st — an event hosted by the Dallas chapter of the National Ovarian’s Cancer Coalition (NOOC). Again, be sure to check out Brandi’s conversation with Reggie-N-Wayne through the media player above.

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  1. I’m so glad that Draya didn’t come to that stupid ass reunion, cause shit would never ever get solve. I also don’t think that Draya was not scared at all to come to the reunion, it just that there was too much nasty words and fighting will not have set nothing straight. As for Sundae, this girl does not have no soul at all, she is just plain evil. Why in the hell is she on this show again? Oh, if I was Brandi, I will have knock the hell out of Sundae and her weak ass boyfriend, cause the whole show will have been over, lights and camera off. So yes, I did also caught what Sundae said to Brandi doing the back and forth with one another. Hell, I seen why Brandi wanted to drag the shit out of Sundae infected ass.

  2. i cant fully feel sorry for brandy because she got that mouth that she needs to control. you are a grown lady that had cancer, you got to learn how to walk away from arguments. when sundy called you stupid you could of walk away from the pettiness. first of the arguments was between malaysia and sundy don’t jump in. malaysia is grown and can whop ass. and coming back to the reunion. it was weak of dreya not to come and had all those comment, i know for a fact she wouldn’t say all she said if she was present. jackie is crazy but if it wasnt for her craziness this season would of been completely boring than it already was. and sundy just need help.

  3. THANK YOU! From the very first episode when Brandi found it necessary to ask Sundy about her daughter on the internet, was just wrong. She admitted that she Googled and got her info, well then leave it there. Now she’s all upset after calling Sundy a whore that Sundy fucked her up! NONE of them women act like ladies as far as I’m concerned. Malaysia needs to stop acting holier than thou when she’s just as nasty with her mouth. As for Draya, just because you got a lucky blow in with Sundy does not mean you can take on the world, talking bout taking names and Jackie was next….bitch please…. last season when Brooke was stepping in her face, there was no black eyes going around….I hope the next season is much better.

  4. Sundy is a evil bitch ! She not sincere I was so sorry brandy didn’t beat sundy ass at the reunion.

  5. Sundy needs to grown up. She is sooo childishhh and she talks like chicken headddd. U too old. Im not mad at brandi for loosing it…cuz Sundy apologies be BULLLLSHIITTTTTT. YOUZ A LIE BITCH. And Malaysia is the only blk chick on Tv that can get hood without being RATCHET.

  6. Team Brandi all the way!!! Sundy is a bitch!

  7. These women have too much money to act like animals

  8. luv this show! cant wait for season 4!


  10. Cancer aint no joke. More people need to be aware. Big props to Brandi for raising our awareness.

  11. Battling cancer is not an easy feat. I hope more cancer patients can be able to overcome cancer just like Brandi did. I admire her for the work that she’s doing now to raise awareness.

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